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  • Looking For Jake
    by Okkervil at 21:22 on 23 June 2004
    Right about now in my writual career, the trip to Lumb Bank Arvon Writing Foundation has had a big effect. Hence the fact I mention it all the time. Anyways.... while I was there, I came across a book of short stories called Neonlit, memory fails as to whether it was volume one or two...anyways, the point is I found the first published pieces of one of my favourite authors in it, a story called 'Looking For Jake', by an author by t'name of China Mieville (who I shall also mention lots an' lots). I know there's loads of stories being put up on here all the time, but when people have time, this is a tremendous, tremendous piece, and one of my favourite works of prose.
    To my delight, as Neonlit has dissapeared from shelves, it's been put on the marvellous interweb. When there's a gap in your schedule, this a gorgeously atmospheric story to read late at night in a deep sofa.