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  • Re: Reading makes you sexier- it`s official
    by halfwayharry at 23:07 on 19 April 2004
    Ahem! Is it about flirting? People in glass houses etc.

    Silverelli, I looked at your profile and realise that you are American. Two points: Please don't think I was dissing US humour. Cheers, Frasier, Jackie Mason, Richard Pryor, I could go on.

    Also, I have read your work which I enjoyed and posted a comment.
  • Re: Reading makes you sexier- it`s official
    by geoffmorris at 23:43 on 19 April 2004

    Technically speaking. My posts are related to the topic thread. Yours have deviated.

    Beside's yes it is about flirting. Read the beginning of the thread. There's a little clue in the title.


    And I tried to get planning permission for a glass house but it'd just upset the neighbours.
  • Re: Reading makes you sexier- it`s official
    by Silverelli at 00:16 on 20 April 2004
    In other news,
    geoffmorris is a moron.

    I don't mean to be so harsh, geoff, but aren't we all just creative writers discussing the creative medium.

    Since when did you become the moderator/site expert?

    Its official. Reading does make you sexier. Just ask the Corporate Officials at Penguin Books.

  • Re: Reading makes you sexier- it`s official
    by miffle at 11:58 on 20 April 2004

    Hmmm... Some thoughts:

    * I think having something interesting/ original to say generally makes you sexier (and perhaps books assist in this department...) - but really it depends on who you're trying to be 'sexier' too, surely... (?) i.e. you're unlikely to appeal sexier to a woman who doesn't like books, whose definition of 'sexy' is a supremely toned six-pack etc ... (?)

    * Also, I think that anything done non-genuinely is definitely not sexy - so if you're not really into books then forget it 'cos she'll only see through it... I predict...

    * Also, I am slightly wary about very erudite men especially those who delight in quoting poetry at me !!! ' I didn't come down in the last shower you know !!' ;-)

    * 'It's official' - well, that's a damn shame 'cos I'm not really into official things! Kinda puts a dampener on it really...


  • Re: Reading makes you sexier- it`s official
    by tinyclanger at 12:31 on 20 April 2004
    What a dilema - having to choose between a six pack and a book of poems...anyone out there got both, or am I just greedy?
    One thing worse than a guy who spouts poetry...a guy who spouts HIS OWN[\i] poetry. Eeek!

  • Re: Reading makes you sexier- it`s official
    by Al T at 12:37 on 20 April 2004
    TC, Bobby Cannavale in The Station Agent has a body to die for, and also appears to read. Sadly though this is just a movie, and in real life the number of literate studmuffins that I know is incredibly small, and they were all snapped up long ago :-(. I do though, fortunately, know several intelligent single guys who may lack perfect six packs, but would still not crack the glass in the mirror. However, they are still single because they spend all their waking hours at work...

  • Re: Reading makes you sexier- it`s official
    by mothball at 12:40 on 20 April 2004

    The Station Agent's been mentioned a couple of times. Is the eye-candy in it really that good?

  • Re: Reading makes you sexier- it`s official
    by Al T at 12:45 on 20 April 2004
    Hi Mothball, I think so. But then as Waxlyrical pointed out, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and in some reviews I have seen Bobby Cannevale described as Neanderthal (no doubt by other jealous guys!).

    Incidentally, there is much to enjoy in the movie apart from the eye-candy, so if it's on near you, I'd go and see it. I went along knowing nothing about it, having been out of the country, with a friend who'd suggested it, whose taste I trust, and I wasn't disappointed. It won three prizes at Sundance, including best drama, and I can see why.



    Actually I've just checked the 'neanderthal' quote, and it was from Antonia Quirke in the Evening Standard. Well, each to their own!
  • Re: Reading makes you sexier- it`s official
    by Anna Reynolds at 13:23 on 20 April 2004
    There's a good point somebody made earlier in this (rapidly disintegrating) thread about how anything done in a non-genuine way is really pretty ucky. I'm now struck by the potential for a story or something about a guy who pretends to read because reading is the new black, and then has to keep this charade up, of being erudite, intellectual, well-read, etc... is it OK if reading is suddenly fashionable (even kids who wouldn't be seen dead a few years ago are now happily stuck into their Harry Potter, Melvin Burgess, Jacqueline Wilson, etc) for the sake of being fashionable, and will this phase pass, or is it just good that people want to be seen with books?
  • Re: Reading makes you sexier- it`s official
    by roger at 13:25 on 20 April 2004
    Well I'm quite lucky. I don't need to read a book to be sexy: being sexy is my natural state, I was born that way. Or so I believe.
  • Re: Reading makes you sexier- it`s official
    by Account Closed at 13:41 on 20 April 2004
    I usually carry a heavy edition of W:&:P originally known as 'War And Peace' before it was re-packaged in a simpler, abbreviated, 21st century limited edition printing. It's handy to fend off the hords of women who flock at my feet, all of them thinking Tolstoy is just "so sexy", or is it me?

    I once read a book...fot its content *shock*!

  • Re: Reading makes you sexier- it`s official
    by olebut at 13:49 on 20 April 2004
    In response to Anna's most recent comments I rember when I used to commute that there where two groups of people manily I guess men who fell into the supposedly literate groupings she is suggesting

    1 those who pretended to do the Times crossword but filled any old rubbish in just to make it look good

    2 those who appeared to read, a broad sheet usually The Times or Telegraph but as you stood there swaying on the strap trying to keep upright you spoted they were in fact reading the latest Playboy or whatever behind their paper ( a real keeping up appearances Hyacinth would have been mortified)

    but i think a comedy sketch could unfold from such a scenario
  • Re: Reading makes you sexier- it`s official
    by tinyclanger at 14:08 on 20 April 2004
    To comment on Anna's point about reading being fashionable for kids, I really don't care if they pick up a book just cos it's the latest fad, I just thank all the Gods that they DO pick one up..Then it's up to folk like me, (librarian in secondary school), to try and capture that initial experimenting, encourage and nurture it. When it works, it's one of the best feelings!
    But one of the worst was when kids, (often non-readers), inspired by the Lord of the Rings films, decided to give the books a go. The look on their faces when they realised how long and complicated they were often made me want to weep. I'm sure the films inspired many to read, but it put off quite a few, too, and made them feel inadequate and even less inclined than before to turn to a book. There's an up and a down side to reading being fashionable..

  • Re: Reading makes you sexier- it`s official
    by Al T at 14:27 on 20 April 2004
    Anna, I think a pretty good literary work that already exists on a variation of this theme is Cyrano de Bergerac, which, I think, is about to be made into yet another film (the one with Depardieu was pretty good), or to be put on the London stage, I can't remember which.

    Anyway, as I'm sure everyone knows, Roxanne, falls in love with the voice of the love letters, but believes them to have been written by the dashing Christian, not the nasally challenged Cyrano.

    Further confirmation that brains alone are not enough, but brains and sixpack will do nicely, thanks.



    It's the theatre, with Stephen Rea as the lead - should be good.


    Off to see it on Saturday night.
  • Re: Reading makes you sexier- it`s official
    by crowspark at 17:33 on 20 April 2004
    I believe that reading makes you sexier, taller, able to fly, feel more deeply, laugh and cry (almost) at will.
    I am told that more people are buying books, but not necessarily reading them. Fewer people are using libraries and that is a shame.
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