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  • "Coming of Age" short story competition
    by Monisha at 10:21 on 01 March 2018
    Hello! What do you think of "Coming of Age" as a theme for a short story competition - more here: www.momayapress.com 
  • short story
    by ob1cnoby at 22:16 on 12 April 2018
    I would like to have read your story Monisha, but can't see it- I have just joined WriteWords Forum, and found most comments on here appear to be over 10 years old, thes site is very poor to navigate ( I should have been able to click on your story and read it straight out = can't)  and I am having difficulty in the simple things like asking basic question ? Oh Well we live and learn
  • Re:
    by Monisha at 10:43 on 13 April 2018
    Hi there!  You can see what I have written on the theme "Coming of Age" at www.momayapress.com (it's not on this website)  - I'd love to hear what you think :)