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  • Words of wisdom from an old member
    by Carlyagain at 13:40 on 13 August 2018
    The words of wisdom aren't mine. laugh

    Samantha Tonge who used to be a WriteWorder has published this lovely piece in which she mentions the fabulous WriteWords and the excellent help she received from its members. I was here when Sam and co were starting out or lifeboaring:


    Her thread about this on FB has brought together many old WWers, many of whom are now published authors (I mean many, not a few). 

    This is such a lovely, helpful forum. I do hope its current members - some already published, some not - enjoy reading this.


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  • Re: Words of wisdom from an old member
    by jamesanderson at 04:52 on 22 December 2019
    i like

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  • Re: Words of wisdom from an old member
    by SaskatoonBoy at 04:27 on 15 January 2020
    Very wise words indeed! Thank you!

  • Re: Words of wisdom from an old member
    by Issy at 10:30 on 18 August 2020
    Yes, a lovely blog and a lovely lady.

    I too am astonished to be revisiting and seeing how so much has changed especially after the heady days when people were posting daily on the forums and in the groups. I learnt a lot and there was a community about it all, but people move on/outgrow I suppose.
  • Re: Words of wisdom from an old member
    by liddy1black at 10:47 on 12 November 2020
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  • Re: Words of wisdom from an old member
    by atonybrown at 14:42 on 03 December 2020
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