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  • Get any good books for Christmas?
    by Anna Reynolds at 18:35 on 30 December 2003
    If anyone got any good (or bad, come to that...) new books for Xmas- poetry collections, short stories, novels, plays etc, or even nicer, gift tokens to buy what you want- then don't forget to let us all know what's hot and what's not- go straight to our Books section and write a review. Go on, you know you want to..
  • Re: Get any good books for Christmas?
    by Nell at 18:43 on 30 December 2003
    I was given Life of Pi by my soon-to-be daughter-in-law - very clever of her as I've been wanting to read it for ages. I'm half-way through and it's not at all what I expected.

    Anna, speaking of the Book Review section, are you saving reviews of Astonishing Splashes of Colour? I only ask because I submitted one ages ago and it hasn't appeared.
  • Re: Get any good books for Christmas?
    by Dee at 19:21 on 30 December 2003
    Nell - not what you expected? Is that good or bad? So many people have told me I MUST read it I'm going off the book.

    I'm off to Borders in Leeds tomorrow to spend my xmas dosh (and the rest!) so I'll let you know if I come home with anything interesting...


  • Re: Get any good books for Christmas?
    by Jubbly at 20:15 on 30 December 2003
    I got Stupid White Men by Michael Moore which I read in a couple of days whilst in the company of one of them. I really enjoyed it and can't believe I've left it this late to discover. I've seen a couple of his films and intend to read everything this radical genius has ever written.
  • Re: Get any good books for Christmas?
    by Anna Reynolds at 20:28 on 30 December 2003
    Nell- will find out where the Astonishing Splashes review has gone, as I'm particularly keen to hear what you thought. Jubbly- I did an early and very brief review of Stupid White Men, but will remove mine and hope you'll post yours! He's just got another book out just now....wonderful stuff. Keep these coming.
  • Re: Get any good books for Christmas?
    by Sue H at 08:18 on 31 December 2003
    I know exactly what you mean. I bought it out of curiosity when it was on a 2 for 3 offer in Borders and I think it is now one of my most favourite books. I absolutely loved it. I can really recommend it. My copy is now doing the rounds of friends and family as I force them to read it too!


    Oh and I got Inkheart by Cornelia Funke which I haven't started yet and John Masefield's Box of Delights which I have.
  • Re: Get any good books for Christmas?
    by Ticonderoga at 10:28 on 31 December 2003

    Wasn't given this, but, for my train journey up to Edinburgh for Humbug I treated myself to Dave Gorman's Googlewhack Adventure.....and was absolutely hooked from page 1; laugh out loud funny, warm, insightful and completely addictive; you become as obsessed as he is in his pursuit of ten googlewhacks in a row! For those who don't know (I didn't), a googlewhack is essentially a search term of two words which produces only one hit on the internet - a one in three billion chance, apparently. He then goes all over the world to meet the people who's sites he has found, and they must then provide him with two further 'whacks............Terrific fun!

    Happy and fruitful 2004 to all.

    Love & Mercy,

  • Re: Get any good books for Christmas?
    by old friend at 11:43 on 31 December 2003
    Hi Anna,

    Yes, I've had a real humdinger. It's 'Where to FISH in Britain and N.Ireland' by John Bailey.



  • Re: Get any good books for Christmas?
    by Anna Reynolds at 12:31 on 31 December 2003
    Oh blimey, Len... that sounds a bit JR Hartley-ish. But then if you're a fisherman... Hope to see some of these books in our review section soon as you've all finished celebrating a very happy New Year! (From all of us at Writewords.)
  • Re: Get any good books for Christmas?
    by Nell at 19:39 on 31 December 2003
    Dee, I'm sorry but I missed your question due to this thread slipping down in the popularity stakes. Life of Pi- well, I don't want to be judgemental too soon, although I am halfway through, I'm just finding all the animal suffering hard to bear.

    Don't you find it really difficult when all the hype, not to mention the reviews from highbrow critics, praise a book to the skies and see something that you're not entirely sure is there? I often end up feeling cheated.

    Happy New Year everyone, and may all your dreams come true in 2004.
  • Re: Get any good books for Christmas?
    by Dee at 19:50 on 31 December 2003
    Absolutely, Nell. I can be too mulish for my own good when I'm told something is wonderful, or that I'll love something, or I must do something.
    And thanks for the warning about animal suffering in LOP. I don't need to read about that so think I'll give it a miss.

    Best wishes for 2004