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  • Re: Random Phrases
    by Dee at 11:27 on 19 December 2003
    Or, roughly translated: 'Ah shit, that's wonderful'

  • Re: Random Phrases
    by Jumbo at 11:37 on 19 December 2003
    I also came up with aeroplank the pieces of timber they use to construct flying machines, and (apologies in advance if this offends anyone) spermbonk but I failed to come up with a definition.
    Same old problem, then!

  • Re: Random Phrases
    by old friend at 16:35 on 19 December 2003
    Spoonerism is where letters are 'swopped', like 'tot of rum' becomes 'rot of tum'.
    My nephew when small said he liked 'splussel bouts'. There are some lovely examples on the Internet but my fondest memory of 'mixing up words' was an old lady who insisted on calling her bottled mixture 'SyrupaForniaCaliperFigs'.

    All have a lovely rest over Christmas.


  • Re: Random Phrases
    by Dee at 17:04 on 19 December 2003
    Don't know if it's strictly speaking a spoonerism but my favourite word mix is hypodeemic nerdle.

  • This 19 message thread spans 2 pages:  < <   1  2