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  • Re: Calling Tinyclanger!
    by Richardwest at 16:54 on 15 December 2003
    Sorry. Was miles away. 'Deliax' is the name of the new line of purgatives I'm introducing following the success of my 'No Bran Cookbook.' Howzat for going for the top and bottom of the market?

    Nigella (x)
  • Re: Calling Tinyclanger!
    by Jumbo at 17:00 on 15 December 2003
    Nigella Lawsuit

    Are you sure you didn't mean 'No Brain Cookbook'.

    It would be ideal for daytime TV.

    A fan.
  • Re: Calling Tinyclanger!
    by Richardwest at 17:06 on 15 December 2003
    Why do I think you're onto something there??? Genius, John. Sheer genius. Nigella Lawsuit with Janet Hall Porter. Doesn't get any better than that. . .

  • Re: Calling Tinyclanger!
    by word`s worth at 18:53 on 15 December 2003
    Okay, I still don't know if that's a yes or no to my question Richard - I got lost in the double barrelled psuedonym. I knew perfectly well that there was no such name, but somehow I found myself doing a google search on it nonetheless....hmmm...(!)

    Speaking of which, where should I pose a question about pseudo's? Ethical issues per'aps? I already feel like a scolded child after straying from a thread subject and having my post deleted. But it was all your (Richard) and Dee's fault. At least, that's my story and I'm sticking to it
  • Re: Calling Tinyclanger!
    by Jumbo at 19:01 on 15 December 2003
    Hold on there! I think it's a bit much too suggest that Little Richard (that's what they called him at school) would do anything to get you into trouble.

    Now Dee. Well, I'm not too sure about her!!
  • Re: Calling Tinyclanger!
    by tinyclanger at 20:40 on 15 December 2003
    Away for a day in me sickbed, and now I'm totally lost. Who's this Delila? And Wordy got chopped? Why, when, where? and he's been so useful, tooo. Dee, seems the finger of blame is pointed your way, come on, fess up
    And have you noticed how high we are...erm...I mean how many posts we've reached? Does this mean we have official approval?
    God, that will never do, we're not trying hard enough.

    Is The Quest cancelled? It is kinda cold...(just think of all the fuss that would have been avoided if Frodo had said that...)

  • Re: Calling Tinyclanger!
    by Richardwest at 21:28 on 15 December 2003
    TC: It's not this thread Wordy (and several others) got thrown out of -- all right, their posts inadvertently deleted. But I guess you really have been ill if you think he (Wordy) got chopped, seeing as how she's actually Wilhema Wordsworth and was a perfectly sane member of the human race until getting tangled up with us. I think Nahed's indispensable and if there's any more chopping of her illustrious person, I'm off. But I love your line about Frodo. . . Wordy: not sure if pseudo is still going but it's probably best to forget it now . . . Jumbo is just stirring things up to get us all banned: he thinks if I do my Little Richard impression, that'll finish me off for good. Well, it probably will. Dee remains utterly blameless in all this.

    Another member made the point elsewhere about other members noticing the way certain threads were unravelling. So maybe this one's wound its happy way to its end????

    *THE QUEST CONTINUES though. I plan to return with news of just who it is under that gravestone in the Langdale Pikes. At this rate though, it might well be Wordy, TC, Jumbo and Little Richard.

    Jamie Duncan-Smith (PS: TC -- seriously, hope you're feeling better!)
  • Re: Calling Tinyclanger!
    by tinyclanger at 21:41 on 15 December 2003
    I am even more confused now, Richard. yes, I know "so what's new" har, har, bonk.
    Have folks been deleted? is there a plot afoot to get us banned or something? I am
    quivering with anticipation, (and not just cos I've just read Ticonderoga's latest, either)
    What is happening? and why am I missing out on it all?

    I know now Wordy is a she...profuse apologies have been offered, but I'll do it here too, just incase she is scared to go on other threads because of the danger of being chopped, (allegedly)
    Wordy, I'm sorry I noticed not your gender..tres remiss of me...now I look closely tis obvious from the cut of your jib and the swirl of your...swirly thing. Please accept my sincere regrets, and do have a drink on Dee 'n Richard's tab anytime you're passing the Britannia.

    But...what other stuff is afoot..? Is the thread about to die? Please tell me, OR I'LL COME AND BREATHE ALL OVER YOU ALL AND YOU CAN HAVE MY UPPER RESPIRATORY TRACT INFECTION ALL OVER CHRISTMAS!! :0 (that'll shift 'em)
  • Re: Calling Tinyclanger!
    by Richardwest at 22:11 on 15 December 2003
    TC, Tc, TC:

    Not to put too fine a point on it, I see from reviewing this thread that one person seems to have sallied forth, and whilst I believe said person's absence will certainly not be missed it's not going to help at this time if you keep threatening everyone with bubonic plague in your quest for knowledge. All I mean is, the Fellowship is still intact (Wordy, Dee, you, Jumbo on account of the fact I owe him a drink anyway, Tim & Katie) and that although we may not be as, um, funky as we were, we're surely all the better for it.

    So I think it's best not to go any further with any of this, albeit Dee started it all anyway so it's not for me to pull anything of hers. That probably merits a rewrite but it'll only get worse and then I'll definitely be shoved under that headstone of hers.

    Now, please don't die. Not even under a December sky. OK?

  • Re: Calling Tinyclanger!
    by word`s worth at 22:16 on 15 December 2003
    LOL you're all nutters! Oh I do feel at home here ;-). Now listen here, I don't know whether I should up my membership to the respectable fully paid up member status. It seems that since stumbling upon WriteWords I haven't written a speck of a word! (other than wots I've written her like). This just won't do. To join or not to join...THAT is the question!

    TC: No problem about confusion over my gender - it happens to me all the time! Not that I look like a man or anything - I look rather feminine when I shave my beard...but because my name is not of the Western kind, it can create confusion. But I'll take up that offer of a drink since Dee and Richard are buying . Get well soon!

    Ricardo: Oh that sounds so much better LOL Thanks for your support and saying I was lustful...no sorry, that was illustrious...funny what letters your mind omits when your thoughts are on other things. Ahem, anyway, I shall pluck up the courage and post my pseudonymynm question at whichever forum I click on with my eyes closed. Gosh, I'm feeling rather daring tonight!

    Jumbo: I love your handle. It reminds me of something cuddly. Are you cuddly per chance? LOL

    Honest, I haven't been at the Baileys...not yet.
  • Re: Calling Tinyclanger!
    by Richardwest at 22:31 on 15 December 2003
    Well all right, Wordy, I'll still love you when you're a full member and of a kind rather different to that which TC thought you were during her current bout of the bubonics. But to start going on about Jumbo's handle seems a bit much in view of TC's current confused state not to mention my sudden lack of funkiness. But go on. Upgrade to full membership. You'll find yourself writing better than ever before. Even if it is only about headstones. And before TC dozed off, I do distinctly remember her saying all the drinks were on her so that's a saving, isn't it?

    Man With No Handle (wasn't that Clint Eastwood??)
  • Re: Calling Tinyclanger!
    by Jumbo at 22:35 on 15 December 2003

    It's a long time since my name or my handle and the word 'cuddly' have appeared in the same sentence! Am I? I've no idea. I'll let you know.

    And by the way, seize the moment, pay the money and become a fully paid up member of this Fellowship. Who knows, you could become as insane as the rest of us!!

    And if you have a few minutes to spare, how about posting some of your work. I - and many others - would love to read it!! You never know, you could be number one by Christmas!!

  • Re: Calling Tinyclanger!
    by Jumbo at 22:37 on 15 December 2003
    Clint Hardwood

    I think if Wordy wants to talk about my handle that's a matter between her and me!!

    Cuddly (now slightly stroppy.)
  • Re: Calling Tinyclanger!
    by word`s worth at 22:50 on 15 December 2003
    I knew I'd get into trouble using the word 'handle' . It was all part of my cunning plan! Yes Cuddly...I mean Jumbo and Richard - I rather think I will cough up the money once my trial is over (trial month that is...not the legal kind). I'm flabbergasted at how lovely and welcoming you all have been and rather think I've fallen in with a good 'crowd'

    Jumbo: I have three incomplete manuscripts, one completed manuscript, a batchful of poems written when I was fifteen, and a couple I wrote last year or sometime like that. The completed manuscript I'm not at liberty to post at the moment, but the others...well...it's so daunting thinking that your work will be out there to be picked to pieces especially if it's a work in progress. I'm scared LOL I know it's silly to be scared, because constructive criticism can be vital, but I'm wondering if I've grown a thick enough skin to handle it...
  • Re: Calling Tinyclanger!
    by Jumbo at 23:00 on 15 December 2003
    You won't be surprised to hear me say it (or type it) but I would guess that nearly every new person on the block has those same feelings. But I would also say that the feedback your work attracts from other members - and from the site experts - will be always be constructive and valuable. Me, I'm not a poetry person. I may be cuddly but I can't even spell rime - let alone do it!!
    But I like a good story! So go on, go for it.
    I'm all handle and anticipation!!
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