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Random Read

    by geoffmorris at 19:02 on 28 November 2003
    Does anyone else get bored with passages that they have gone over so many times? I often think sometihng I've worked to death is as dull as ditch water when I've finished with it only to be told that someone thinks it's great.

    Is it just me?

    [Edited by david bruce at 15:22 on 28 November 2003
    removed excessive exxlamations!]
  • Re: BORING!
    by Dee at 20:11 on 28 November 2003
    OK, Geoff, you've got two options.
    Either leave it for a while until you've forgotten how boring it is and then read it again.
    Accept that, if it's boring you, it's going to do anyone else to death, and bin it.
    Get someone else to read it and tell you what they like about it so you'll feel better.
    Get drunk and read it again - you'll understand then how deepy wonderful, moving and meaningful it is.
    Or... you could upload it here...
    Yes OK. OK. I'm a writer not a mathematician...
  • Re: BORING!!
    by geoffmorris at 20:13 on 28 November 2003
    I think I'll go for door number one on that score Dee
  • Re: BORING!
    by Dee at 11:55 on 29 November 2003
    I've just noticed that you've been censored by the punctuation police!!! how do you feel about that???????????????????
  • Re: BORING!
    by geoffmorris at 14:42 on 29 November 2003
    It kind of hurt at first but then I thought what the hell!
  • Re: BORING!
    by Sue H at 20:07 on 30 November 2003
    I've got to the stage where I'm not sure any more whether I need to re-write the whole thing, edit it some more or chuck it away. I think it's probably best to leave it for a while. I've found whilst re-re-re-editing that because I know so well what's coming that I don't read it properly and miss major errors! Glad it's not just me anyway.
  • Re: BORING!
    by Dee at 20:28 on 30 November 2003
    How are you editing, Sue?
    If you normally work on a PC screen you should print your work and edit it on paper. I've said this before on another thread but it was a while ago so you probably haven't seen it. I got this tip from Teresa Chris, an agent I heard speaking at a conference. It works. You see your work differently, it 'reads' differently, and you spot errors your eyes skimmed over on screen.
    Another tip is to get someone else to read your work aloud while you listen. When you read your own work, you know how to pace it but someone else has only your written words to guide them. It can be quite an eye-opener, I can tell you!

    Good luck.