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  • Re: Too much poetry
    by olebut at 15:00 on 16 June 2003
    John what a beautiful language Maori is

    I believe that poetry lives , the emotion it engenders the way it can bring excitement sadness happiness laughter helplessness despair, beauty

    I often read the poetry of the first War Poets and they bring tears to my eyes no matter how often I reread them they have the same effect no novel has ever achieved that.

    And it is these emotions I try to bring into my poetry, I may not achieve it ever but to have a goal and strive for it is better than to have no goal and achieve complacency
    take care


  • Re: Too much poetry
    by Scott at 00:43 on 18 June 2003
    Poetry is the expression of the soul
    More often than not it is more for the writer than the reader
    If the reader can take away the emotions involved and understand the message they try to explain then the job is half done.
    A poem is not trying to be a short story, a poem is a million things and all different with each artist. A novel can hit the spot in a thousand pages; a poem can touch you in just a few words so I donít think a poem holds less value because it has less volume.
  • Re: Too much poetry
    by olebut at 13:58 on 18 June 2003

    may it perhaps be true to say that the poem is the picture of the literary world

    as you rightly say a poem can in a few words say what a novel may take a thousand to relate (that is not a derisory comment about prose)

    the poem just like a picture, offers almost instant recognition but also in the same way as a good picture has many nuances hidden with in it which requires you to revisit it from time to time unravel its inner beauty.

    or am I being too poetic?
  • This 18 message thread spans 2 pages:  < <   1  2