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  • Guidelines for writing an investment book?
    by monkeywithpin at 10:24 on 08 June 2011
    I've just started writing a book about investing in the stock market for beginners. It's all about the fact that 90% of new investors lose money and the book explains why that is and what people can do to try and avoid doing so. It is a non for profit book and indeed I may offer it for free as an eBook.

    However, I am worried that I may need to be very careful about writing in the finance area and there may be very precise regulations on what you can write and how eg you can't recommend specific products to people etc.

    Does anyone know what things I need to be careful about? Anyone know an author in the financial area I could ask? I've searching the web for answers but can't find any anywhere.

    Any help appreciated.


  • Re: Guidelines for writing an investment book?
    by NMott at 10:49 on 08 June 2011
    There are a number of investment books for beginners listed on Amazon. Maybe check a few out and see how they format it and what they do & don't cover:



    As it's non-profit and it may include investment products that are time-limted, I would advise putting it out as an ebook - Kindle or Smashwords - so it can be updated annually if you so wish.


    You might also consider adding a disclaimer saying this book does not guarantee investors will make a profit, and the market can go down as well as up, etc, etc.