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  • Ex-WW member Myrtle on the floods
    by Anna Reynolds at 13:06 on 24 January 2011
    Not sure if this is on right forum, but we got this from Myrtle, aka Emily Gale;

    I used to be "Myrtle" on your site (2004-2009), and I was wondering if I could turn your attention to an initiative I've had a part in organising, to raise funds for flooded Queensland, which may be of interest to your subscribers.

    At http://authorsforqueensland.wordpress.com/ anyone can bid (as long as they bid in Australian dollars) and there are over 300 book-related items on offer. All proceeds go directly to the Flood Relief Appeal. There are lots of manuscript assessments available (I've put 5 on there myself) and considering the price one pays for those these days they look like bargains so far...and every cent goes to charity. We're all just trying to do our bit to help the appeal and as impoverished writers our time and expertise is all we can offer!

    Thanks for reading, and please have a browse of our site - there are full instructions under "Browsing and Bidding" and "FAQ".

    Emily Gale
  • Re: Ex-WW member Myrtle on the floods
    by Issy at 10:46 on 26 January 2011
    Thanks for this Anna. There are writers on there offering to read and comment on ms including Emily herself. A number of children's writers too.

    I would love to do this but unfortunately on a bit of a restricted budget currently, but will have a more detailed look to see what I can run to. A superb opportunity and we all want to help anyway.


    PS I've just checked the exchange rate which is roughly 0.61 Aus dollars to the pound. I don't know how to send the money but will post when I find out.