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  • Flashbacks and Viewpoints
    by Shadowgirl at 18:52 on 20 April 2003
    As we were talking of this today, I have decided to post, a little sooner than intended the next part of The Letter from England. It breaks all the rules - it changes viewpoint twice in this section, and there is the first flashback too...OMG!
    Bev, Stephen, Jib, Rog, everyone - having talked over the theory, I would love to know your honest opinion on this section. Please read, and I'll go and put on my flameproof suit in anticipation!
    Thanks Guys!!!!!
  • Re: Flashbacks and Viewpoints
    by Beverley Hills at 19:53 on 20 April 2003
    Bless, I'm sure it wont' be that bad!

    B x