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  • Comedy Script - Universal? What do you think
    by Scott at 19:32 on 15 April 2003
    I have done a lot of writing but recently I changed direction momentarily and wrote a comedy script. What I finished with after about ten rewrites was totally different from the original idea. Anyhow, I was wondering whether anyone would be interested reading it and giving me their opinion, be truthful. Compared to my other work it is utterly off the wall but characters of wealth and a relevant storyline support it.

    I am interested in hearing what people think of the style, it is meant to be an exceedingly visual comedy where actions provide the laughs, the use of imagery and performances. I would like to know if the pages convert this to the readers mind. I find comedy is never universal, everyone has their own brand of humour and so I would look forward to the variety of responses from different readers.

    To see the script go to my profile (Scott) and select Barstools and locals

    Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you


  • Re: Comedy Script - Universal? What do you think
    by Anna Reynolds at 20:02 on 16 April 2003
    Scott- I'm now curious, so when I get some time next two days I'm going to check your script out.
  • Re: Comedy Script - Universal? What do you think
    by Beverley Hills at 11:35 on 18 April 2003
    Will read your script after Easter if that's OK, got a house full of kids and chocolate! Promise to get back to you by Tuesday.


    Beverley x