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  • New Podcast
    by Alex29 at 16:31 on 27 March 2016
    I am a bit of a Pod Cast fan these days and I like the new one 'Self publishing Formula' James Blatch and Mark Dawson - good for them - and thanks to Joanna Penn The Creative Penn for signposting that for me - I love finding new UK reasouces as the American and Australian - though great - just don't quite fit this writer all the time. Time often being the operative word there especially Australian Periscopers  waking me in the early hours with 'Six Tips On A Better Blog.' :)
    I am also all for Blab etc but again I would love to see more of us over here having a go - I know we are a shy lot - but some of this new tech is good for writing too. :)  TBH Anything that keeps me in the loop about new developments in the writing world gets my attention now. 
  • Re: New Podcast
    by galateawoodson at 09:51 on 13 February 2017
    I would say a plenty of those new tech are good for writing. Interest to the new developments in the writing world is rising and the one that got my attention is college essay writing service uk. Completely new approach to custom writing limited by time (yes, an operative word as you mentioned)! Previously writers used to create steadily but now things are changed.