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  • Re: The Future of WriteWords
    by steven56jacob at 19:01 on 11 February 2016
    I'v been a member since 2014.  But when I post I only been able to get feedback from James Graham.  But I admit I've been distant since 2015 in posting coments and poems.  Still I want to very much get your feedback.  In 2014 I published a book of poetry called Spiritual Gait.  I really need to get feedback but I don't know how to get the group tp participate and I feel like a new member.

    Best Steven Jacobson
  • Re: The Future of WriteWords
    by Bazz at 19:27 on 11 February 2016
    Hi Steven, poetry can be a very nuanced thing to comment on, it might be that some people just don't feel qualified (some times I don't!)

    But just to point out, you've posted one poem recently, and got feedback from three people. The more you interact with them, the more comments you'll probably get. :)
  • Re: The Future of WriteWords
    by FelixBenson at 19:56 on 11 February 2016
    Hi Steven,

    The best way to ensure feedback is to comment on others' work as much as you can and to respond to the comments that others have made on your own work. We're all here to get feedback, so there's an element of reciprocity ...and I can't help but notice that although you have had comments on your poem, you haven't posted any about anyone else's work....

    Now I know that commenting on others' work can be very difficult, and poetry is really hard...but I thnk it's a valuable skill which I have got better at since I have been on WW, and I really believe that it helps my own writing. Engaging with other work makes you analyse and explain, and the more you can articulate what you like/don't like or what works/doesn't work, the more you are likely to be able to bring that to bear when you write something new yourself and you're re-drafting it.

    If you still don't feel confident about critical responses, that's entirely understandable; but then you can try making supportive comments perhaps?

    As Bazz says, the more you participate, the more likely you'll get comments back. If people have taken the time to comment on your work, then it's always worth responding and engaging with what they say, even if just to say, 'thanks for commenting'. It works wonders in terms of generating more comments on your own work.
    Finally I would say that the Poetry Group does sometimes get quiet, but please do join in as much as you can :) you're most welcome.

    Cheers, Kirsty

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  • Re: The Future of WriteWords
    by Terry Edge at 09:58 on 12 February 2016
    Good comments from Kirsty. I'd just add that it really helps your writing to want to comment on others' work; to see the benefits of collaboration. And the ability to collaborate is more or less essential in any form of publishing. Even a solo novelist/poet will need to collaborate with editors at the very least.

    And, generally speaking, reciprocity means giving quite a bit more than you receive. For example, I once did a 6 week writing course in New Hampshire. During that time, each of us critiqued 90 pieces by other writers and had 6 of our own pieces critqued. Yes, that means we received 90 critiques too; but the hours each of us put in were around 150 for doing critiquing and around 6 for receiving it.

    Similarly, I'm attending the Milford SF Writers' workshop this year. That will mean me spending around  40 hours critiquing, receiving around 3 hours. But - the important thing is, as others have pointed out, you learn a lot from critiquing other people's work.

  • Re: The Future of WriteWords
    by Neil Nixon at 22:51 on 13 February 2016
    I don't visit here very often but do make it a requirement that students on the Foundation Degree in Professional Writing that I run also become members; around half use the directory regularly (I know because I see this cited in assignments) and others post work and get comments. I wonder if actively seeking block membership from other writing courses might be a useful halfway house between some of the discussions I've seen between finding new members who have a general interest and using the site more as a criticism and workshop centre for writers.
  • Re: The Future of WriteWords
    by Alex29 at 06:49 on 09 March 2016
    That is an interesting point it would be nice to know they are doing a group join or it might feel a bit odd - certainly bring another different perspective to the mix at least.
    I haven't been out of Fast First Draft much lately as am involved with a revision course with one of my books plus we are still rebuilding house etc so am swamped with life in the mobile home  with Mother squashed in too - but I am sticking head out and looking around a bit more now and looking forward to making time to coment on work and joining in - I know that before when I was commenting on folks work I scheduled it in my day - I like looking at long work mostly  as I write novels and series -  as the others have said above joining in and working with folk on their work is the best way to get feed back  on your own work - and make friends along the way.
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  • Re: The Future of WriteWords
    by Cliff Hanger at 17:23 on 29 April 2016
    I just joined the site a few days ago but I already feel it has been money well spent.  I've been struggling to get feedback on my work that helps craft it.  For that you need people with experience and a mixture of new and established writers.  The forum I have been on before just has people basically comment that they like or don't like you/your work which isn't helpful.  I had a recommendation from a respected writer re the site so I had no qualms about handing the money over up front. £20 a year is a lot less than shelling out for numerous workshops of unknown/variable quality.  Perhaps if you promoted the level of expertise available and highlighted members' journeys and how the site has helped them it might attract more members.  

  • Re: The Future of WriteWords
    by Bazz at 20:14 on 29 April 2016
    Hi, glad to see you're liking the site. Feel free to join more groups if you want more feedback :)
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