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  • Re: The Future of WriteWords
    by Bazz at 13:32 on 10 October 2015
    i'm sure non fiction would be fine. :)
  • Re: The Future of WriteWords
    by Mand245 at 16:30 on 10 October 2015
    I've put in a request to join the short story group too.

    Just a couple of thoughts:

    I've  had a look at the list of group members and notice that there are a fair few who don't seem to be members any more or, at least, haven't visited the Writewords site in many months (including the group host). I wonder if non-active members could be removed from groups by admin after a certain period of inactivity and also if maybe there could be a way of telling if a member is still a member - if that makes any sense at all. I know of "members" who haven't been on the site for years but still look like members. I wonder if lapsed members could show in a similar way to trial members, so their ID is intact if they rejoin but so that it's obvious they aren't current members.

    It would be also be interesting if there was some way of knowing how many current members there are. At the moment I have no idea if there are 20 subscribers or 200. I am on another forum where the total current membership is displayed and also a count of how many members are online at any given time, so I guess it's technically possible.


  • Re: The Future of WriteWords
    by Bazz at 16:34 on 10 October 2015
    Hi mand, I've actually just sent David an email on here about this, hopefully the group can be decluttered, and given a new lease of life :)
  • Re: The Future of WriteWords
    by Alex29 at 21:01 on 10 October 2015
    Hi Guys - Freebird and Tassie both reminded me this week that I am still a member of this site - I have 49 days left. I have read through this thread - since I left it still rumbles on - I admit I don't know what to do about rejoining  - I miss logging my daily word counts and chatting on FFD and helping with the  odd critique and it is true I still need help with my work  - I have been joining in any old thing on line - met some wonderful folk and had a blast - also met plenty of yellow three wheeler drivers trained by The Trotters , have been looking at Blabs and Periscopes and learning how to set up web sites all that stuff but I still haven't found a writing group I like the format of as much as this one.
    So I am not sure what to do - I suspect my membership fee is still at the higher rate as I remember telling David not to bother refunding it when all that silly crap came to light.
    I must admit I hoped it was all running fine and that this had blown over - I am pretty horrified by Naomi's treatment of Terry in this thread and frankly - no one needs experts like that.
    I am still living in No 27 and the house is still in bits and Mum is due back next friday so my writing and tying has taken a back seat - I might try FFD again till my 49 days are up - I suspect when she realises there are no floor boards in her room once she has negotiated the half stair case to get there I might need to  be else where anyway! Any way as I say I am not sure so  :) MC
    Edited by Alex29 at 21:14:00 on 10 October 2015
  • Re: The Future of WriteWords
    by Bazz at 16:06 on 11 October 2015
    Well, the short story group has been streamlined and decluttered. If anyone wants to join, any new members would be welcome. Hopefully we can get the group going again, it used to be a great hive of talent and activity, and hopefully can be again. :)
  • Re: The Future of WriteWords
    by alexhazel at 17:18 on 11 October 2015
    It might be worth highlighting this in one of the other forums, maybe? A thread with an appropriate title would be visible on the Forums home page, and would help promote this.
  • Re: The Future of WriteWords
    by Bazz at 18:22 on 11 October 2015
    Good point, I'll get on it.
  • Re: The Future of WriteWords
    by Bazz at 13:28 on 07 February 2016
    Just wanted to point out new members are still joining inactive groups. Does anyone else think something should be done about some of these groups?

    It does seem misleading to new members...?
  • Re: The Future of WriteWords
    by TassieDevil at 13:48 on 07 February 2016
    I agree Bazz. Quite often I send a private email giving them advice but it's frustrating for them to join an inactive group or to post without joining a group. Any suggestions?
  • Re: The Future of WriteWords
    by Bazz at 14:17 on 07 February 2016
    Well, i've said for a while now we could close the graveyard, have a tighter more focused set of groups for the smaller group of people nowdays on here.
    But it depends on what people want, if other people agree or disagree it would be good to hear. My concern is making the site as easy as possible on new members.

    On a side note, I do wonder why they haven't been closed already, most are abandoned, work isn't exactly being archived there...?
  • Re: The Future of WriteWords
    by Jennifer1976 at 06:27 on 08 February 2016
    Yes, I thought something was going to be done about the graveyard, but I may be thinking about something else entirely.

    There is also the problem of members posting straight to the archive, bypassing a group altogether, and meaning that their work is often missed for critique.
  • Re: The Future of WriteWords
    by TassieDevil at 07:39 on 08 February 2016
    I usually send a private email to these people explaining protocols. I wrote to Frithar last night after she joined and posted in archives yesterday.
  • Re: The Future of WriteWords
    by Jennifer1976 at 10:14 on 08 February 2016
    Ah, you're so good with new members, Alan. smiley

    We don't get so many anymore though, and the site just seems to get quieter by the week. Trying to think of ways to liven it up a bit, but nothing comes to mind.

    I guess we just have to keep doing what we can, but I do wonder how long WW will carry on like this. sad
  • Re: The Future of WriteWords
    by Bazz at 13:40 on 08 February 2016
    Yes, there's the odd flurry of activity here and there, but then it sort of tapers off. I tried to kick start the short story group, and it did get six or more new members, but now it seems to have gone quiet again!

    I also wondered if a non-fiction group might not be a bad idea, that might be a new outlet for people, and for a different kind of writing?

    The number of groups should probably be streamlined to avoid confusion, though.
  • Re: The Future of WriteWords
    by Jennifer1976 at 11:53 on 09 February 2016
    I'd join a non-fiction group, though I wonder whether we'd get enough members to keep it going.

    It's a shame about the short story group. I'd have contributed more, but I don't tend to write many short stories. Will keep an eye out for any new ones to critique though.

    I agree re: the streamlining of groups.
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