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  • Writers` Page Updates
    by TassieDevil at 11:07 on 23 November 2014
    Hi everyone,

    I'm in the habit of checking out the Writers' Page fairly often to see who has recently joined, who is Most Favourited and Yes, who has commented most. (It's up there at the top next to the Home page link).To my knowlegde the later two haven't changed in months and I do realise that, unlike New Members it is probably the job of someone to update these stats. Maybe it isn't. I honestly don't know.

    I personally feel that these lists are there to encourage us all to participate in contributing to the site's success and to our own standards of encouragement. In their present state they are doing neither.

    I shall continue to do my best to be an active part of this site because it has helped me invaluably and I wish to give something back. However if the page is there, it should mean something.

    Does anyone have insights on how these lists are complied, do we need them and does anyone else bother looking?

    Or am I simply one aging sad marsupial with nothing better to do than waste time viewing obselete stats?

    Your thoughts would be most welcome.

    And if this situation has been flagged elsewhere I apologise,

  • Re: Writers` Page Updates
    by Bunbry at 14:11 on 23 November 2014
    Hi Alan, you raise a good point - there is no point in having a page that effectively means nothing.  

    The 'favourited writers' will never change now unless we clear the decks and start again which I think we should (perhaps once per year).  That is because the 'most favourited writers' were created in most cases by writers who are no longer members of the site so are purely historical and date back to a time when Writewords was a busy site rather than the slightly moribund affair it is at the moment.  No one will accumulate people 'favouriting' them like they did previously as there's not enough traffic to do so.

    I think the stats on frequent contributers should change at least monthly.

  • Re: Writers` Page Updates
    by TassieDevil at 14:19 on 23 November 2014
    Thanks for the input, tNick .
    Since I only joined eleven months ago, I never saw WW in its heyday. That's sad, but we need to make the most with what we have and there's still some great people out there.
  • Re: Writers` Page Updates
    by Jennifer1976 at 07:44 on 24 November 2014
    I agree, I think the stats page either needs updating or not to be shown at all. Ideally, it would be better if it was completely rehauled, though sadly I expect that there isn't enough traffic to warrant it. sad