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  • Re: Groups
    by NMott at 23:13 on 30 January 2014
    How does the 100+ word comment rule work? Prseumably there is nothing to stop a member, whether full or trial, from simply ignoring or overlooking the rule and uploading their work, at which point the Group Host will politely point it out.
  • Re: Groups
    by david bruce at 23:23 on 30 January 2014
    Naomi - it should happen automatically and will bring up a message when they try to post.
  • Re: Groups
    by AlanH at 23:09 on 31 January 2014

    I have mentioned this before, and maybe my comment got lost, but this seems a good place to repeat it.
    The group number count as shown on the groups page isn't correct. As an example look at 'Whole Chapter Crit'. There are only 4 members within the group, but the groups page states there are 6. 
  • Re: Groups
    by Alex29 at 17:23 on 01 February 2014
    I have already been dropped by the looks of my list in my page from Fast First draft - which I have contributed to regularly and the Self Publishing one which I follow but there was not much to say... Neither by my choice Oh well more time for sheep! MC
  • Re: Groups
    by NMott at 17:37 on 01 February 2014
    I can still see you listed in those Groups, Alex, and they're on you profile page. Must have been a temporary glitch. 
  • Re: Groups
    by Alex29 at 19:35 on 01 February 2014
    Yep - you are right Naomi- odd that I even noticed it. MC
  • Re: Groups
    by AlanH at 23:22 on 01 February 2014
    David, in IC yesterday (or about 8 hours ago) I posted to a thread, but only after getting that 'You must write a message' 3 times. Only by putting in a quote did I get rid of it.  
  • Re: Groups
    by NMott at 17:10 on 02 February 2014
    The Groups page is very mixed up, with unactive groups (such as the old Synopsis & Outline Group) in the top list and active groups (such as Finding Your Feet) in the 'underactive groups' list below. 
  • Re: Groups
    by Manusha at 18:02 on 02 February 2014
    I noticed that too. I thought I'd got caught in some time shift and the world I once knew had changed! I mailed David about it yesterday and apparently there is some counting mechanism that has gone a bit AWOL. 
  • Re: Groups
    by david bruce at 09:33 on 03 February 2014
    Thanks - a new version of the groups home page is up now, ordered by last activity and just showing the groups that have been active in the last month. I think the member count should work now (though only updates after activity so may still be wrong for some groups for the next day or two)
  • Re: Groups
    by AlanH at 13:39 on 03 February 2014
    Thanks David. The figures now tell the truth about the 'Whole Chapter Crit' group.
    The groups list is much better now we can see the latest update at the top.
  • Re: Groups
    by Jed Jones at 19:27 on 03 February 2014
    As a trial member, I have a vested interest in suggesting the creation of a permanent free membership grade (shock, horror!), with obvious size limits on what we can upload. Banning editing is a heavy restriction, though. Strangling the babies at birth?

    On a certain rival site, I had a permanent free membership and breathing space to participate, and then took a $50 per annum paid membership anyway, so I could upload the 30 chapters I have drafted and the other 30 I have planned (besides other stuff). The other site is financed by advertising, too, of course.

    One advantage of this might be that group owners won't have to worry about disruption by a fast turnover of 'speculative' members who are here today and gone tomorrow?

    But the most common problem faced by all review groups on all sites (in my experience) is inactivity. So it's reassuring to see so many active members here caring about getting things right.
  • Re: Groups
    by NMott at 09:07 on 04 February 2014
    It appears that trial members are able to join more than one Group.
    Is this a glitch, David?
  • Re: Groups
    by NMott at 18:16 on 04 February 2014
    When loading the Synopsis & Query Group via Chrome on the Mac, the list of members' work uploaded/not uploaded, highlighted in yellow, is stepped rather than straight up & down like the other Groups. But it's fine in Safari on the iphone.

    Also, it's not possible to set the group numbers to unlimited, so maybe take that option off the list.
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