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  • Re: Finding Your Feet
    by NMott at 18:34 on 10 January 2014

    Perhaps hijacking the wrong thread and not for the first time but I'm relatively new to writewords but not new to writing or critiquing, but still haven't got my head round groups versus forums (fora). I joined two groups but, in contrast to the fora, they've not been terribly active and I'm curious really at what proportion of members actually take part in groups. I know critiquing is very time consuming but it seems people put a lot of thought and energy into the discussion threads, so it can't just be that. I'm wondering if a lot of members don't really use the site for feedback on their work and have other outlets for that?
    Or just tell me if I've got it all wrong?
    Good luck with the new group, anyway

    It all depends on the group and the group host. If its members don't feel the need for it after an initial flurry of uploads and critiques, &/or If the group host isn't very active, then the group tends to whither away, which is why it's worth joining several in the hopes of finding one that's as active as you need it to be.
  • Re: Finding Your Feet
    by NMott at 18:45 on 10 January 2014
    One important thing for the writer is to get a concensus of opinion from the crits before making any changes, so it's perfectly ok for the critter to read other crits and make the same points in your own crit - don't just think 'oh, that's been said already, so I don't need to mention it'. That will also help you reach the 100 word minimum.

    However, try to avoid critting the other crits. You are critting the work not other critiques.
  • Re: Finding Your Feet
    by AlanH at 23:56 on 10 January 2014

    If its members don't feel the need for it after an initial flurry of uploads and critiques

    Some groups don't even get the initial flurry. People join and then do nothing within the group. I don't know why - I suppose they have their reasons.  
  • Re: Finding Your Feet
    by Lavalumpy at 07:00 on 11 January 2014
    Hello, I'm Phil, and this nervously my first post. I'm not sure I'm finding my feet as much as dipping my toe in the water. To a newbie the site is a bit daunting, and the words 'Finding Your Feet' pulled my focus. I'm sure of the etiquette and unwritten social rules this community might have, but rightly or wrongly I find myself here. 

    Am I a writer? I know I'm a story teller because I have unwritten books bubbling in my head. I've written 1 novel, it's on my shelf and hard drive where it will stay for a while. I'm on my second novel which I feel more comfortable in writing, it's flowing very nicely, I feel it's written in my head and just needs to get on paper. 

    I'm an amateur and my work lacks grammatical perfection. 

    I haven't shared any I have written. Today I wrote a short story, it's very short; one paragraph!. It's the first thing I feel compelled to share, not for critique, just a story I want to tell. 

    The Optician Shop

    20 years ago, I visited  an Opticians. It was a small shop, quiet and a lovely bonnie girl, about 5 years old, was getting her new glasses. When they were correctly adjusted and fixed they were placed on her tiny nose and ears.    Thickest bottle bottom lenses ever, eyes massively magnified in those hideous NHS freebie children's frames in marbled pink. God, this memory is so vivid. The girls Mum reached in her handbag and gave the child a bright packet of sweets. The girl, so delighted beamed with joy, oblivious to the her new look in hideous glasses. The girl saw sweets and I saw teasing, mean girls, no dates, lonely, isolated. They left the shop and I cried for her present and I cried for her future.  I looked up and the shop assistant was crying too. I often wonder how that girl is now. She'll be about 25. I hope she's ok. I hope she's happy. 

    I'm sorry it's a sad tale, sadder even when I say it isn't fiction. I wonder if this as a small piece of writing has any merit. 
  • Re: Finding Your Feet
    by AlanH at 08:20 on 11 January 2014
    Phil, welcome.

    It would be better if you joined the 'Finding your feet' group. Maybe you already have?

    Once you're a member of that group - or any you fancy - you can give and get feedback.
  • Re: Finding Your Feet
    by Account Closed at 08:26 on 11 January 2014
    Hi Phil

    Welcome to WW. We've all been new here at one stage, so we can remember how difficult it is to join in, but well done on doing so.

    Your story is sad. I can imagine too how it must have seemed looking in from the outside, especially as children can be quite nasty to each other.

    Please join the Finding Your Feet group. There are a bunch of us there who are doing precisely that with the new group.

  • Re: Finding Your Feet
    by Account Closed at 08:36 on 11 January 2014
    I forgot to add that the Finding your Feet group is so new, nothing has been added yet. But it will be, as Mand (the host), will be doing so v. soon.
  • Re: Finding Your Feet
    by Lavalumpy at 08:53 on 11 January 2014
    Thank you so much for your warm hand.,  I've taken your advice and joined the party. I guess I will see you there. X
  • Re: Finding Your Feet
    by Alex29 at 10:31 on 11 January 2014
    Hi Phil- I am sure you will get a lot of support here- it is great - a bit more muddled than usual due to change and there is a lot going on. Welcome. MC
  • Re: Finding Your Feet
    by Catkin at 12:05 on 11 January 2014
    Hello, Phil. Welcome to WW.

    That's a sad story. Poor girl. That piece is flash length, so you would be able to get some feedback about it in one of the flash groups. If you are thinking of going on and writing more very short stories like this, you might find joining a flash group here is a useful thing to do.
  • Re: Finding Your Feet
    by Lavalumpy at 13:10 on 11 January 2014
    Thank you Catkin, and Alex.

    I had wondered what Flash groups were so you've answered my question.  I might post my 'flash' as you suggest. . Thank you all for a warm welcome, it is scary coming in but now I have dipped my toe so to speak, the waters fine. :) x 
  • Re: Finding Your Feet
    by Manusha at 14:58 on 11 January 2014
    Hi Phil, welcome to the site. I hope you enjoy your time with us. Well done for being the first to post a story in the new group! It's a big step to post our work for critique but can be incredibly helpful, so good for you for taking the plunge. smiley

  • Re: Finding Your Feet
    by Manusha at 15:51 on 11 January 2014
    I think one problem with the original beginners group is the title because it suggests a teaching element. I know that’s how it started but after the original host left the group languished. When I joined, there were several pieces of writing that had been posted for a long time but had either received few or no comments. I imagined it must have been very discouraging for the members so I thought I would help out, at least with giving comments on work, but I never wanted to take a teaching role as I’m simply not qualified. Another problem I found is that there have never been enough active members to make it viable as a group, and so eventually I became resigned to signposting new members to active groups that I thought would be suitable for them.
    However, I always felt it would be beneficial to have a group where new writers and newbies to the site could feel supported until they gained more confidence, and so I welcome this new proposal and hope the new group Finding Your Feet can fulfil this role.
    Lots of luck, Andy
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