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  • Trying again...
    by GaiusCoffey at 12:14 on 08 January 2014
    So, some time ago, I was bored and put up a group description, thinking that nothing good would ever come of it.

    Then Sharley noticed...

    Suddenly, and quite accidentally, I was host of a surreal and genuinely pointless group that had absolutely no reason to exist other than my vanity and the legacy of a dull moment when I had run out of Bourbon and needed to go to bed.

    After a flurry of interest, the group died... Sort of.

    And then...

    I had an idea!

    No, seriously.

    42 ( ​http://writewords.org.uk/groups/211.asp ) has risen from the dead and now there is a flock of zombie ducks awaiting your input because, however self-contradictory it may be...

    42 has a purpose.

    42 is all about ​jamming when you want to jam, playing when you want to play and, most importantly, getting those creative ideas flowing.

    If there is an undue reliance on duck references, it is simply that I find ducks inspirational. Please do join us and add your own favourite farmyard animal to our pool of creativity. Feel free to suggest silliness and light relief that will push you onwards and upwards.

    Feel doubly free to have a better idea than me and to try to get it running.

    42 is a group where there is no wrong answer. If you have something a bit weird that you want to try out, please do...