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  • do i need to hire an editor?
    by sca1een at 15:28 on 23 September 2016
    hey everyone..new to your forum..joined because I'm writing a book and need some advice..so..I finished writing a couple of chapters so should I ask some one to take a look at it to make sure whether this is a good piece??or whether I should change something??also should I hire a freelance editor from some wriitng service like http://acewriters.org/ or I can just download a tool like http://www.hemingwayapp.com/ or should I look for a professional editor??


    <a href="http://acewriters.org/">ace writer</a>
  • Re: do i need to hire an editor?
    by Kate Coleman at 13:43 on 27 September 2016
    I'm quite new here myself, but you could join the group "Critique Central" and after critiquing existing work,  post your chapter for a return critique.  I found it very useful. 
  • Re: do i need to hire an editor?
    by Freebird at 17:14 on 28 September 2016
    Hi there,
    if you're serious about being a writer, you need to learn to edit yourself - this will not only save you a stack of money but will help you to write well. A good place to start is to upload a chapter or two (probably one at a time is best) into one of the forums and ask people to comment on it. They will be more likely to do this if you comment on their work too - it doesn't have to be anything amazing, just what you thought of it as a reader.
     would recommend trying to find a creative writing course near you - it's by far the best way to learn and to get comments on your work as you go along.
  • Re: do i need to hire an editor?
    by Alina Austin at 11:30 on 11 November 2016
    However, if you are about to publish your book by yourself, you might need an editor to rectify your mistakes. If you are planning to publish through publishers, then you need not worry too much about proof-reading. Because, if your plot is good enough to make some money, then they will certainly get your work and will rectify and publish them. Thus, no need to worry too much about proofreading. Just ensure that you are not making too many mistakes. All the very best.