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  • Copyright Law re: sharing professional writing critique online
    by Jennifer1976 at 13:40 on 15 September 2016
    I'm in the middle of writing a blog post, and I want to include a large chunk of a mini-critique I got a few months ago.

    It's just occurred to me - would it be subject to copyright? I've been trying to search for extracts of professional critiques that other writers may have posted online, but I can't seem to find anything (although I may be Googling the wrong terms).

    Do you think I could get into trouble for posting the critique on my blog, or am I completely overthinking it? I did post it in the Intensive Critique/Critique Central forum a few months ago, so it clearly never occurred to me then...

    (Hoping this doesn't get swallowed up by the spam the forum's been getting the last couple of days.)