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  • A new look for WriteWords?
    by Account Closed at 23:43 on 12 March 2014
    The Gizoogle, umm, search engine, brings a fresh feel to WriteWords (well, sort of). Or, maybe 'fresh' is not the right word and 'different' is more relevant. It's positive to know our asses are smoking in the Forums.


    But if anyone is knackered and bored and wants mild amusement, decide what you want to search and type it here:


  • Re: A new look for WriteWords?
    by Manusha at 18:11 on 13 March 2014
    That is just SO funny! 

    We cater fo' a funky-ass broad range of writas

    Oh yeah! And possibly the bestest bit:

    n' ta our comprehensive Writas Directory, containin regularly updated shiznit on what tha fuck publishers n' lookin for.