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  • Paragraph spacing
    by Account Closed at 20:11 on 21 February 2014
    It is likely only me, but I can't read posts without paragraph spacing. I'm not complaining at anyone but I would like to advocate a solution if members think this is also an issue for them.

    Perhaps David can automatically put a para spacing in (rather than the poster putting in double returns)? 

    Sadly, I like a lot of white space. It shows in my preference for short paragraphs. I've noticed more and more recently that I've stopped reading threads where there are huge chunks of text without spacing. I reiterate, this isn't a complaint to the people posting without paragraph spacing, but I wonder if there is a solution. But, I note this will only be needed if others are finding the lack of spacing a similar issue.
  • Re: Paragraph spacing
    by Pen and Ink at 20:59 on 21 February 2014
    I thought it was just me who had a problem with this! I don't like reading large blocks of text, but I'm wondering if it's due to having an extremely short attention span. smiley
  • Re: Paragraph spacing
    by Account Closed at 21:02 on 21 February 2014
    but I'm wondering if it's due to having an extremely short attention span.

    Meet your mate! 

    My attention span is decreasing. By the time I am 80, I will have the supposed attention span of a goldfish. Maybe shorter.

    Perhaps I am there already.

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  • Re: Paragraph spacing
    by Pen and Ink at 22:05 on 21 February 2014
    Yes, me too. laugh
  • Re: Paragraph spacing
    by EmmaD at 22:11 on 21 February 2014
    YEs, I think that's a good idea - I don't mind putting in the space myself, but I'm usually working on a desktop keyboard. It's a pain to do on e.g. a phone.

    If David did set it like that, anyone who for some reason wants single spacing - for the lines within the stanza of a poem, for example - you only have to do shift + return, and that's what you get. 
  • Re: Paragraph spacing
    by Account Closed at 07:33 on 22 February 2014
    I didn't think of poetry. Duh!

    But if the poets in WW agree that it is as easy to press shift-return as to press return, then it would mean all other threads, story uploads, etc would have the much-needed white space.
  • Re: Paragraph spacing
    by Astrea at 16:56 on 25 February 2014
    Oh, tht's an excelent idea.  I start reading lots of interesting posts but do find the 'wall of text' thing a little off-putting, I'm afraid.
  • Re: Paragraph spacing
    by kajalarora179 at 07:47 on 11 January 2017
    It is indeed a good idea. The more we use white spaces the more it provides ease to the eyes. No one likes reading an overly long paragraph. The pauses provided through white spaces are one of the reasons which keep the users engaged, otherwise seeing an excessively large paragraph would just make them skip. It is not with you only, but everyone like it that way only. It’s a matter of preference and you are asking for something which is absolutely fine. 
  • Re: Paragraph spacing
    by Freebird at 15:19 on 18 January 2017



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  • Re: Paragraph spacing
    by Freebird at 15:20 on 18 January 2017
    started a reply, then realised the original was posted in 2014!!
  • Re: Paragraph spacing
    by Alex29 at 19:06 on 04 February 2017
    Me too I was wondering if our attention spans are so short how we read books :)
  • Re: Paragraph spacing
    by kirstengirl at 11:25 on 13 February 2017
    Yes, paragraph spacing are awesome.
  • Re: Paragraph spacing
    by CarolSmith at 11:32 on 14 June 2017
    I fully support you. I also like to read with paragraph spacing.
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    Edited by CarolSmith at 11:35:00 on 14 June 2017
  • Re: Paragraph spacing
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