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  • First to New Year?
    by AlanH at 11:12 on 31 December 2013
    Well at the time of writing, New Zealand is about to go into 2014. I'm not sure how many active WW people are east of me (Philippines, GMT +8), but I may be the first to experience the New Year.

    I thought it might be interesting to see how others are spending their final few hours of 2013. I'm going to drink too much wine. Not because I'm a boozer, but because it will help to drown out the awful noise from next door's industrial-scale karaoke.

    But, honestly, I am just glad to be intact, and with resumed services, after the recent earthquake and super-typhoon. So my wish for 2014 is simply for stability.

    A happy and successful year to all.
  • Re: First to New Year?
    by Account Closed at 13:07 on 31 December 2013
    Happy New Year to you, Alan. I hope your wish for stability in the Philippines comes true in 2014.

    Enjoy the wine.

    I am editing and later I will raise a few glasses to you all.
  • Re: First to New Year?
    by AlanH at 13:40 on 31 December 2013
    Thanks, Sharley.

    Are you sure you're editing?
  • Re: First to New Year?
    by Alex29 at 14:20 on 31 December 2013
    Happy SAFE New Year to you both- I am measuring gutter with my darling husband Gordon- it is old gutter that is about to 'come in useful' of course it doesn't fit and we don't have any fittings but well that's a bit like us really! The 'Village Hall' shed will have a dry floor - I hope - called such as it is often full of half the village and animals various, me writing and the kettle is usually on. Archers nearly finished so I must away to hold a ladder or argue or something. Longing to crawl away and write I was naughty and took advantage of a power cut yesterday to get the new story going and now it won't shut up and I have another week of DIY to get through. Repairing lights in the lambing shed next and I cannot pretend that won't be needed soon! Going to try to stay up and see the New Year in but I do usually conk out till the local Bell ringers stagger out of the Pub and start clanging away and then all the churches around go for it presumably till they fall in drunken heaps and the racket dies down.Happy New Year. MC
  • Re: First to New Year?
    by Catkin at 14:43 on 31 December 2013
    Are you sure you're editing?

    Alan, I'm absolutely sure that Sharley is editing. She is a woman with a mission.

    MC, it sounds as you could do with some New Year safety wishes, too. Recycling is great, though - definitely the way to go. Just don't fall off any ladders!

    I'm having a deeply tedious day getting through a huge number of chores that have to be done. One of them is packing to go away tomorrow. I detest packing, and I don't want to go away yet again. In a minute I'm going out food shopping, and it's raining. Food shopping in the rain isn't one of my favourites, either. However, there is a bottle of Bolly in the fridge, so all will be well later.

  • Re: First to New Year?
    by Account Closed at 15:04 on 31 December 2013
    Alan, I'm absolutely sure that Sharley is editing. She is a woman with a mission.

    LOL, I am.

    But I can see how funny it looks to say that right now [choose your WWer] I am editing/doing the guttering/doing chores - when, of course, *I* am on WriteWords, even for that minute!

    But we are just brilliant at multi-tasking.

    Hope you get the chores sorted soon, Catkin. MC, I don't envy you anything that involves being outside today, least of all the guttering. Alan, go and have a drink. It's the evening for you!

    Edited by Sharley at 15:04:00 on 31 December 2013
  • Re: First to New Year?
    by EmmaD at 16:08 on 31 December 2013
    Happy New Year Alan, who's there already, and to everyone else when their time comes. May all everyone's wishes for stability, happiness, writing and fewer chores come true.

    I have a vile cold, and am getting almost nowhere with all the things - writing and non-writing - that I told myself I'd get ahead with in the post-Christmas pre-beginning-of-Term days... There's fizz in the fridge for later, but I'm not at all sure I'm going to stay the course right up till midnight. And I've had a bit of a rubbish year in several ways, so won't be sorry to sleep through the stock-taking moment.
  • Re: First to New Year?
    by Account Closed at 16:43 on 31 December 2013
    I hope you're feeling better soon, Emma.

    I won't make it through to midnight. I usually have three glasses (always one too many) and fall asleep. Tonight is unlikely to be different.

    Happy New Year :-)

    (David - can you sort out the smilies as some work with the nose and others don't, depending where I post them!)

    Obviously, it's New Year's Eve and there are vastly more important things to do, so no hurry. I'll just post with and without for now, as one will work.

    Edited by Sharley at 16:47:00 on 31 December 2013
  • Re: First to New Year?
    by Astrea at 18:27 on 31 December 2013
    Wishing all WWers a Good New Year from chilly but dry Inverness!

    (I'm working tomorrow so will be having an even more abstemious Hogmanay than usual )
  • Re: First to New Year?
    by Midnight at 18:35 on 31 December 2013
    Happy New Year!
  • Re: First to New Year?
    by calliaphone at 18:31 on 01 January 2014
    Happy new year! (bit late from me, as always - not because of where I live, but because it's how I am)

    Spent the midnight moment last night feeding munchies to the cats in a room with all the windows and curtains closed, while the skies outside erupted into fireworks. Cats were spooked right up until the munchies appeared, at which point the world could have ended for all they cared.

    Woke up this morning to immense relief that yesterday's back-pain incident was not serious, just a warning. Have spent the day mostly lounging around in bed, heeding said warning, aided by a power cut. Can't do much, might as well nap! (And eat chocolates, of course.) We're hoping we get power back tonight though, or my laptop and phone batteries will start to peg out, and then it'll be no internet for me :-(


    Phew, power back on at last. We were getting rather cold, and stumbling around in the dark (paraffin lanterns excellent, but I'm too nervous to allow them in upstairs rooms). But all is well now. Have Internet, but getting too sleepy to use it...