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  • a same/the same survey
    by olena907 at 06:59 on 22 July 2013
    Hi everybody! My name is Olena, I'm a linguist, work on English determiners and need help from native speakers.
    Answer, please, the following question:
    Are there any mistakes in the sentences below? Yes or No with comments, please. Thanks in advance.

    1. It was also a grenade attack as three of them died. Four others were wounded. And in a same day, another soldier was killed when his convoy on the western highway from Baghdad came under small fire and a rocket propelled grenade attack.
    2. A same routine is defined as experiencing the exact actions from shot one to shot two
    3. Eligible parents can share the number of weeks of parental benefits payable under the EI program and the parental or adoption benefits payable under the Quebec Parental Insurance Plan for a same birth or adoption of a child
    1. Very different diseases are lumped together under a same name because they merely share the same clinical expression
    2. All objects issued from a same class do not have the same state at a same moment; they share only the same behavior.
    3. If every European would have the same wage and be taxed the same percentage with a same commitment to actually pay them, then we would talk about some equality
    4. Yesterday me and my friend both using the same network 3G service from a same service provider played live stream (live cricket match on our phones.
  • Re: a same/the same survey
    by debac at 09:45 on 22 July 2013
    Why do I feel as if I'm being asked to do someone's homework?
  • Re: a same/the same survey
    by olena907 at 10:23 on 22 July 2013
    Oh, no, definitely not homework! It's a real survey, I've come across lots of similar examples from different corpuses here www.corpus.byu.edu
    May be it'll be better to reformulate the question?

    Is this usage "a same day, etc" acceptable? What does it mean? a kind of generalisaton? and why not standard "the"? Would you personally use such a phrase "a same provider, a same day, etc"?

    Thank you
  • Re: a same/the same survey
    by debac at 11:21 on 22 July 2013
    I would use "the same day" but I have never heard "a same day" except in the case of "a same-day referral" or similar.

    Your questions are numbered 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, 4.

  • Re: a same/the same survey
    by olena907 at 12:43 on 22 July 2013
    Thank you!
  • Re: a same/the same survey
    by GaiusCoffey at 21:01 on 22 July 2013
    Yes, if I have lunch and breakfast at the Black Apple cafe, then I will have eaten there twice on the same day.

    If I do the same thing the day after, then that day will have been a similar day to the one before.

    In other words, there will have been a similarity between my eating patterns on the two days under scrutiny. And, if asked how my day was, I might answer, "ah, you know, samo-samo."
  • Re: a same/the same survey
    by olena907 at 02:06 on 23 July 2013
    Thank you!