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  • Caroline`s launch
    by EmmaD at 09:58 on 05 May 2011
    Was such fun - lots of family and friends and WriteWorders (Shika, Cherys, Naomi/nr, Chris2, Luisa Plaja, Caroline Rance... hope I haven't missed anyone); Dark Ride looking as gorgeous as CarolineG herself; Picadilly obviously delighted with it; the Owl Bookshop a big and splendid indie bookshop clearly in rude health; and delicious eats supplied by Caroline's sister.

    (I'd come from a three hour writer's circle, followed by a long, long coffee with another writer friend, and nr and Cherys and I didn't roll out of the pub till 10.30, so I am now having a day of silence, to recover...)

  • Re: Caroline`s launch
    by Account Closed at 10:54 on 05 May 2011
    Yet another launch i would have dearly loved to go to

    So glad it went well, though. Hoping to see some photos on FB
  • Re: Caroline`s launch
    by chris2 at 11:12 on 05 May 2011
    Congratulations, Caroline! A great launch, and the book looks terrific.


  • Re: Caroline`s launch
    by Jem at 11:22 on 05 May 2011
    Look forward to seeing the pics, Caroline! Have you got out of bed yet?
  • Re: Caroline`s launch
    by Freebird at 11:41 on 05 May 2011
    Wow - congrats, Caroline! Am going to town this afternoon, so will snap up a copy and have a good read
  • Re: Caroline`s launch
    by nr at 18:09 on 05 May 2011
    Yay for Caroline!

    It was great - loads of people - and Caroline chose such a good teaser passage to read that I had to start on my copy of Dark Ride on the way home even though I was shattered.

    Lovely to meet up with WWers and to talk writing technique with Cherys and Emma over a drink afterwards.

    I've had a quiet day too, judging a school short story competition for a teacher/writer friend. There are some talented writers-in-waiting out there.

  • Re: Caroline`s launch
    by cherys at 19:56 on 05 May 2011
    It was the perfect launch. Wine, great reading, diva bouquet, signings, lovely food made by the family, lovely company and Caroline looked like a french film star. Shouldn't be allowed.

    Well done, Caroline. It was a really joyful, lovely evening.
  • Re: Caroline`s launch
    by Account Closed at 20:32 on 05 May 2011
    What did Caroline wear in the end - I remember the discussions on Facebook and something from Phase Eight?
  • Re: Caroline`s launch
    by CarolineSG at 11:26 on 09 May 2011
    Oh wow, I've only just seen this lovely thread!!

    [Blushes] Oh do stop with the French Film star nonsense!

    Thanks so much to those who came and for all kind comments. If anyone else out there is debating whether or not to have a launch party, I would say GO FOR IT. I was so nervous beforehand, but had the most incredible, memorable evening.

    I can't wait to tell my sis that her food is being discussed on't'internet!!

    [Was Kew dress, Sarah! Hope your husband feeling better now]