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  • Re: Dr Who
    by CarolineSG at 13:28 on 03 May 2010
    I'm definitely feeling more convinced, now I've seen the excellent weeping angels episodes. I think Matt Smith is finding his form now..
  • Re: Dr Who
    by Jem at 14:44 on 03 May 2010
    Just finished watching it, Caroline. Loved him but am not very good on the sciencey bit. My son tried to explain the gravity thing but, er....
  • Re: Dr Who
    by AuraTodd at 19:16 on 07 May 2010
    I wasn't too impressed with the one about the Darlecks in the Second World War. No one batted an eyelid when Amelia was dressed in a mini skirt, it wasn't done in the 1940's. Also a Spitfire in Space!!!

    I love Dr Who and have written some fan faiction, the programme could rival Star Trek in Many ways, but I hope the Beeb gets their facts right.

    How many of you would think that Torchwood would make a good movie?
  • Re: Dr Who
    by Account Closed at 15:10 on 09 May 2010
    Aaargh, I keep missing Dr Who. Think I'll have to buy yet another box set in the future...

    Speaking of Star Trek, this really made me chuckle:


  • Re: Dr Who
    by CarolineSG at 17:53 on 09 May 2010
    Hee hee, brilliant!

    I liked the vampire one last night. I think the series is finding its form now - phew!
  • Re: Dr Who
    by Stonerayven at 23:45 on 10 May 2010
    I know this response is a bit lagged but wanted to add my 2p worth!

    Despite a few good scenes, I was really disappointed when I saw the first episode, it wasn't that Matt Smith was bad but I felt he was trying to be David Tennant's Dr (the dialogue didn't help and that wasn't his fault). It was also rather "plot lite".

    As the weeks have gone on he is begining to grow on me. The line "this isn't going to be big on dignity" (in the mouth of the starwhale) made me cry with laughter which I'm sorry to say David never made me do, for all that he had humour. I also loved the development of the Weeping Angel concept, very clever, but then Steven Moffatt is a brilliant writer (I watched 'Jekell' purely on the basis that he wrote it and I wasn't diappointed).

    My favorite moment so far though is the "Blue Stablisers" scene, that's bound to be a classic! River Song is a great character and a perfect foil for the doctor; she should be the companion! (No offence to Amy who is the best so far)

    Though I am enjoying the new series, I'm still not convinced that Matt Smith is going to be up to portraying the darker side of the doctor. Time will tell.

    Off to watch the Vampyre episode now....
  • Re: Dr Who
    by Astrea at 23:55 on 15 May 2010
    I'm been a fan for more years than I care to remember, so wasn't sure at all about 'Frankenyouth' (as we unkindly dubbed him) taking over.

    At the beginning he seemed to be trying to hard to channel David Tennant, and all that manic leaping about got a touch wearisome. Despite the woeful wartime episode, he seems to have settled in a little more now, though I'm still not sure exactly what Amy and dimwit boyfriend are for.

    Perhaps he needs a series or so to bed in, I'll reserve judgement until I've seen the complete run of this one.

    I actually liked John Simm as the Master, but then I thought he would have made a great Doctor too - oh well, maybe next time
  • Re: Dr Who
    by Katerina at 11:08 on 16 May 2010
    Well I've watched every episode so far and Matt Smith still hasn't grown on me. I think he's the worst Dr Who so far.

  • Re: Dr Who
    by CarolineSG at 11:12 on 16 May 2010
    I really like him now and feel he's growing into the role very well. That young/old appearance [LOL at frankenyouth, Astrea!] brings something to the party in my view. I also liked John Simm as the Master but then, I like John Simm in pretty much anything!
  • Re: Dr Who
    by Jem at 22:34 on 16 May 2010
    I loved this weekend's Dr Who!!! Best so far.
  • Re: Dr Who
    by KatyJackson at 23:34 on 16 May 2010
    The Amy's Choice episode this weekend was brilliant! I'm also really enjoying the way that Amy (and other) characters keep on questioning him.
  • Re: Dr Who
    by NMott at 00:02 on 17 May 2010
    I actually liked John Simm as the Master

    Me too Astrea - especially the way he 'enslaved' the girlfriend/wife, whatever she was. Very creepy.


    ...and a bit sexy too.
  • Re: Dr Who
    by Jem at 09:07 on 17 May 2010
    OO- Er, NAomi!!!
  • Re: Dr Who
    by Astrea at 11:57 on 17 May 2010

    Yes, there was definitely something about him
  • Re: Dr Who
    by shellgrip at 12:29 on 18 May 2010
    I still wonder if the whole 'channeling' of David Tennant wasn't deliberate in the first one (or maybe two) episodes. I definitely recall that the 'hangover' of a previous Doctors' personality is something we've seen many times before, right back to the good ole' days of Tom Baker et al.

    A gradual change from one personality to another would certainly make 'fiction sense' to me. After all, he IS still the same person, it's just his appearance and other (unknown) aspects of his being that have changed. It would make less sense IMHO for him to be a completely new and different person from the first minute he wakes up.

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