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  • Dr Who
    by Jem at 10:00 on 05 April 2010
    So, what do we think?

    I think I'm well- suited.
  • Re: Dr Who
    by Account Closed at 11:08 on 05 April 2010
    Liking him lots. Amazed to find that already prefer him to Tennant. I know. Fickle.
  • Re: Dr Who
    by SarahT at 11:43 on 05 April 2010
    Totally agree. I thought Matt Smith was great, which was a relief because I thought that trailer with the vampires from episode six was a little naff. I thought the new assistant was good too and I sense a much needed move away from Russell Davies' rather grandiose style. The biggest compliment from this end, though, is the fact that my husband sat through a whole episode for the first time since Tom Baker was the Doctor and actually said he liked Matt Smith. I even suspect that he might sit down and watch future episodes with us. Now that is praise indeed!
  • Re: Dr Who
    by Sally_Nicholls at 14:33 on 05 April 2010
    I loved it. Agree, was sceptical about a Tennant replacement, but love the steam-punk look and the mad hyperactivity of Matt Smith. Can't wait for the rest of em!
  • Re: Dr Who
    by Jem at 14:52 on 05 April 2010
    Well I said he'd be good, didn't i?
  • Re: Dr Who
    by optimist at 17:18 on 05 April 2010
    We love it - thumbs up in our household. Love the writing too

  • Re: Dr Who
    by CarolineSG at 17:47 on 05 April 2010
    DT will always retain a special place for me [matron!] but I really liked Matt Smith. I have great hopes for Stephen Moffatt as the new writer, but thought the first one was a bit...too cartoonish and slapstick in places. Looking forward to some of his darker stuff.

    And yes, Jem, you did say so!
  • Re: Dr Who
    by Katerina at 18:35 on 05 April 2010
    I love Dr Who the programme, but hate Matt Smith playing the Doctor.

    He looks about 12 years old and is so wrong for it - in my opinion.

    He may grow on me, David Tennant did, but at the moment I don't like him at all.

    Kat x
  • Re: Dr Who
    by Jem at 22:11 on 05 April 2010
    You will, Katerina, you will. I've seen this actor on stage and in a brilliant series "Part Animals" on TV. He is easily as good an actor as Tennant, if not better.


    "Party" not "Part"
  • Re: Dr Who
    by KatyJackson at 11:47 on 06 April 2010
    Loved it, and thought Matt Smith was fab
  • Re: Dr Who
    by j.oreilly at 14:01 on 06 April 2010
    I just found it terribly sad that they couldn't think of anything more intelligent for her than being a strippergram.
  • Re: Dr Who
    by barjoker at 14:26 on 06 April 2010
    Oh! Absolutely - I was furious about the kissogram thing, all for the sake of a lame joke and an excuse to show off her legs. (Although 'kissogram' did make me snort - think things have moved on a bit these days...)

    As for Matt Smith, I loved him in 'Party Animals,' but I'm not convinced by him as the Doctor yet. He seems like an impostor, all his lines sound like they should be Tennant's - it doesn't seem as though he's been given a character of his own. And he feels too young to carry off that sense of ancient sadness, the darkness, that lurked under Tennant's surface. And, I didn't feel much chemistry between him and the companion, and I do like a bit of chemistry.

    And, what was with the Tiggerish food sampling at the beginning?

    Of course will be watching and hoping for better...
  • Re: Dr Who
    by Account Closed at 21:50 on 06 April 2010
    Peter Davidson was also comparitively young when he started out, wasn't he?

    I enjoyed the new episode. I think Matt Smith had a lot riding on him and acquitted himself well. There's a lot of promise here and I think Smith will grow into the role as the series progresses. There's always been a bit of silliness whenever the doctor regenerates - it's perfectly 'normal'?

    I was disappointed by the new interior of the Tardis, however. Matt Smith made a deal out of that on Jonathan Ross (and in the episode) and well, it wasn't all that different from the old interior. Amelia Pond seems a fiesty enough companion. Overall, we're not in the realms of Colin Baker or Sylvester McCoy and that'll do for me.



    Not to be unfair to McCoy, whose stint did improve with time.
  • Re: Dr Who
    by Jem at 07:46 on 07 April 2010
    He may have been joking when he said there was a pool.
  • Re: Dr Who
    by debac at 10:03 on 07 April 2010
    I loved Matt Smith in his new role!! I enjoyed him in Party Animals too (Part Animals might have been a good name for it, too, Jem, ha ha! )

    I think this writer is the best one who wrote for the last era and I'm very pleased he's taken over. There's a new flavour to it, which I think is mostly due to the new writing control and also of course to Matt, and I liked it a lot!

    I used to get a bit bored watching it during the Russell T Davies era, but I wasn't bored at all by this epi. I loved the young Amelia Pond and wish she was still called Amelia. The adult one is nice too, but the young one I found more interesting.

    I have high hopes!

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