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  • The Happening
    by Account Closed at 09:13 on 02 July 2008
    The Happening - M. Night Shyamalan

    By now i should really have learnt to ignore reviews, but i nearly didn't see this because it was mauled by some critics.

    What an enjoyable film. Without giving too much away, people suddenly start killing themselves - throwing themselves in front of cars, off scaffolding... is it due to a terrorist attack, an act of nature, a government conspiracy?

    A great story and you'll love it if you're a fan of Shyamalan's other films like Signs or The Village. The action concentrates on one family's struggle to cope with The Happening and, by the end we are also left with a significant (if somewhat corny) message about our planet.

    It's a long time since i've hung my head at a film, too scared to watch (for those who've seen it i'm thinking about Mrs Jones!).

    Has anyone else seen it?


    *chuckle* - i've just noticed Zettel's review in the film review forum - looks like i'm in the minority because, like other reviews i've read, he, ahem, didn't like it!

    Go on, judge for yourselves...
  • Re: The Happening
    by NMott at 11:53 on 02 July 2008
    I wasn't impressed by the trailer, so not a film I'd pay good money to see at the cinema, but I might watch it on Sky.

    - NaomiM
  • Re: The Happening
    by Account Closed at 13:26 on 02 July 2008
    Yeh,it probably is more of a dvd film, for the more discerning viewer.

    My standards are probably lower and more commerical than yours
  • Re: The Happening
    by Jem at 19:14 on 02 July 2008
    Casey, I read this in The Guardian and thought - no.

    this is basically an awful clunker of whose essential clunkerishness you become aware slowly but inexorably, like a hypnosis subject coming round from a trance. You begin to notice the abysmal acting, terrible direction, muddled script - an undead trio shuffling worryingly towards you.

    I did love Sixth Sense though, but it's a film you can only really watch once, isn't it, unless you're a screenwriter trying to work out how to write a twist film.
  • Re: The Happening
    by Account Closed at 09:14 on 03 July 2008
    Yeh, like i said, Jem, there were some awful reviews! And even I thought Mark Wahlberg took a while to get into character.

    I still loved it - but then i am a huge fan of disaster movies and will rewatch The Towering Inferno and The Poseiden Adventure (plus all the good or bad remakes) at any given opportunity!