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  • Big Brother?
    by Account Closed at 10:23 on 06 June 2008
    Anyone watching? I banned myself for the past few years, decided it was the pits, that we were all going to hell in a handcart (or is that just my husband's brainwashing, puritanical, intelletual snobbery getting through at last?).

    Still, I've given up on almost all tv these days, and I suddenly feel myself losing touch with 'what's going on'. Should I bother with this?
  • Re: Big Brother?
    by Jem at 11:01 on 06 June 2008
    I watched them going into the house last night. There's a Thai woman who's a bit like that character in Little Britain, a girl who screamed and flapped her hands every time a new person walked in, a blind man, interestingly, a black albino man, a trainee teacher who is a ringer for that girl in the Mike Leigh film, an 18 year old blonde babe who has to pretend she is a couple with an older, very sweet man who happens to have his real partner there and unless they keep the real truth to themselves they will all be up for the public vote next week, a 20 year old Wiganer trapped in George Formby's body, a couple of quite strong black/Asian women who got booed in therefore, a non practising Muslim called Mohammed, a screaming gay man who is already getting on my nerves who will probably become best friends with the girl who flaps her hands or the Tai woman. That's 12. Have I left anyone out? I should be writing. Why am I doing this?

    SB please watch or I won't be able to have BB discussions with anyone.
  • Re: Big Brother?
    by susieangela at 15:04 on 06 June 2008
    LOL, Jem!
    I'll be glued to the screen, as ever. Three more: the football player/PE teacher who loathes kids, gives himself 10/10 for looks and 4/10 for caring; the Sylvester Stallone lookalike's partner (he pawned his Rolex to buy her fake boobs); the head chef whose parents split up and whose dad now has a boyfriend; Er, who's the last one?
    None of them will match up to Pete, though...
  • Re: Big Brother?
    by ShellyH at 16:07 on 06 June 2008
    Hi, my husband has banned me from watching it, but that didn't stop me taking a quick peek at the new arrivals last night, I only watched one or two go in. Part of me doesn't want to start watching because you then get a bit addictited, as I did with the first couple of series. I don't think the last few series have been as good and last year I hardly watched it at all. My dad asked me if I was watching it this year and I said probably not, he told me that I must have finally grown up then, I think I might just have to watch it again now.
  • Re: Big Brother?
    by Account Closed at 23:36 on 06 June 2008
    Not this year. I decided last year that BB was no longer part of my life. We've seen it all before, a thousand times. Kind of interesting when it could still get away with being called a 'social experiment'. Unbearably tedious when chock full of wannabes (lambs to the slaughter and all deservedly) who will all be forgotten this time next year.

    I'm going to try having a life instead.



    That wasn't meant to be derogatory to anyone. I say 'try' because there is always the risk that I'll get sucked in again...
  • Re: Big Brother?
    by Account Closed at 09:42 on 07 June 2008
    Have restrained myself so far! I agree that if you start to watch it becomes addictive. There is something very basic about the soap opera car crash of other people's lives. I just wish they'd get someone a bit more intelligent, who'd SAY SOMETEHING INTERESTING\ less the BB Clones they keep going for. There was one I couldn't drag myself from - a celebrity one with that horse racing pundit, John Mccruirick ( name I can't spell)... and Germaine Greer. That was fascinating but only because he is so WIERD and she is so strong.At least there was some depth there.
  • Re: Big Brother?
    by susieangela at 17:01 on 07 June 2008
    Oh yes, Sarah, that was fabulous - and there was Pete Burns and Sylvester Stallone's ex and her mother-in-law. 'Jaaackiiee?'
    I always remember Lesley, from the last BB - she was about 60, v. intelligent, left early (natch), and when they were having a group meeting to dole out tasks, she said she'd do the post-modern irony!
  • Re: Big Brother?
    by Jem at 18:51 on 07 June 2008
    Oh, God, Pete Burns! I find him weirdly fascinating. Such a complete bitch you have to admire him - well, not admire him but wonder how he does it. I actually think this lot are more intelligent than usual. The blonde Scouser seems to be doing a degree in maths and economics and while in the diary room she used at least 2 words containing 4 syllables.

    I love the way Mario took the blind guy (sorry, can't remember anyone else's name but Mario's) and 'showed' him the bathroom.
  • Re: Big Brother?
    by susieangela at 20:26 on 07 June 2008
    Yeah, I feel the same about Pete Burns. He had charisma! Shame he's split up with his 'husband' now.
    This lot - dunno. It's always hard to tell when there's so many of them and you can't get a sense of their quirks. For me, it will depend on what tricks BB gets up to with them - and it sounds like there may be quite a few.
  • Re: Big Brother?
    by Account Closed at 20:35 on 07 June 2008
    I have a feeling that those of us who are even remotely susceptible - ie Jem, me , Susie are going to end up obsessed... and I haven't even seen it yet - will have to wait until Monday, when my husband is off for the week again. Then I can indulge in peace without being nagged for my stupidity!
  • Re: Big Brother?
    by susieangela at 20:58 on 07 June 2008
    Oh, I always get cheerfully obsessed with BB - much to the horror and bemusement of my more highbrow friends. For me, the fact they're a bunch of people so totally different to me in every way (extravert, young, crazy, brash), who are willing to do something which is approaching a total nightmare (being stuck in a house with no private space for a whole summer) that fascinates. Ooh, a minute to go - must get to the television. Sad, or wot?
  • Re: Big Brother?
    by Account Closed at 22:47 on 09 June 2008
    Well, I watched it tonight and I'm feeling ashamed of myself - it's awful! Sorry. It might be that awful woman, is it Alexandra? The one who has a very husky voice and keep shouting and swearing. I want to knock her block off... please tell me if she gets evicted and I might be able to watch again, but for now. NOOOOOOOO!
  • Re: Big Brother?
    by susieangela at 22:49 on 09 June 2008
    Yeah, it's pretty bad, isn't it? (she said, cheerfully). I think the whole wedding thing is extremely tacky and devalues weddings. But I LOVE the Thai masseur...
  • Re: Big Brother?
    by Account Closed at 23:47 on 09 June 2008
    Yes the Thai lady is LOVELY.
  • Re: Big Brother?
    by Myrtle at 09:23 on 10 June 2008
    OK, I need to dip in here for regular BB updates as I'm in Oz and BB-Oz is really, really dire - dire on a whole new level...just dull, really, not a single interesting person. My mum is sending me EastEnders updates so if you could just carry on chatting about BB in here that'd do nicely, ta.
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