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  • Hello and help!
    by stormdog at 20:23 on 14 August 2021
    Hello all!

    I hope my queries won't have been posed a thousand times before but this is my first post to a writers forum, so apologies in advance!

    I'm looking for help on how to get from a series of six crime novels into self-published e-books.

    I need to see how the books will look and work as e-books as I'm fussy and may even wish to use pop-ups and tooltips, so I need to understand how to format for e-books. Do e-books allow the import of your own work so you can view them "as will be?". Are all self-published books from Amazon readable on all e-book readers? Are there any other e-publishers besides Amazon and Apple?

    Pretty basic stuff, I know, but I have to start somewhere and any help will be much appreciated.

  • Re: Hello and help!
    by malcolma at 20:30 on 10 July 2023
    I think https://www.google.com/ can help you