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  • Hey!
    by Lawrance at 01:36 on 31 October 2017
    Hey guys,

    I joined up here seven years ago and really enjoyed the community, I want to get back into my writing and have recently reactivated my membership. Looking forward to chatting about our work. I need help getting rid of some of the flower power in my writing and I hope I can provide reasonably sensible feedback in return. Looking forward to getting to know you guys. 
  • Re: Hey!
    by Freebird at 11:04 on 31 October 2017
    Hi Lawrance, good to have you back. Best thing to do is to upload a sample of your wok into one of the groups, then you can get feedback on it. Some of the groups are more active than others, so give us a shout if you can't find what you're looking for
  • Re: Hey!
    by Lawrance at 00:46 on 02 November 2017
    Thanks, I have joined a couple of groups to get me started and uploaded some work. Looking forward to getting involved.