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  • uploading sketches in a childrens story
    by Alby at 00:48 on 06 March 2017
    Hi everyone
    I'm a newby so I will probably be asking a lot of questions

    I find that when I upload a story, all of the sketches are deleted. is this the rule or is there a way to upload sketches with the body of the story? 

    Any help appreciatedwill be 
    thanks in advance
  • Re: uploading sketches in a childrens story
    by Freebird at 11:08 on 06 March 2017
    best way to get a critique for your story is to upload some of it (or all, if it's a short picture book) into the children's and YA group, and provide a link to some place where we can look at the sketches. Hope you can figure it out - I'd like to see them! But we can respond to the text without the pictures