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  • Another returning member
    by Mickey at 19:56 on 23 September 2016
    Hi everyone
    I've finally managed to renew my lapsed membership. The problem was (is) that I hate technology and when I changed my bank account (an emotional achievement in itself!) I just found the whole of the PayPal update too daunting. If any of you read me before (Poetry Group), please try me again. I hope I can still make you laugh
    Mike (Mickey)
  • Re: Another returning member
    by AlanRain at 20:12 on 23 September 2016

    of the PayPal update too daunting

    Welcome back,

    Paypal are giving me problems, too. I won't bore anyone with the details. I've also returned to WW after a longish break. I wasn't in the poetry group. I am now.
  • Re: Another returning member
    by Kelley_Carter at 11:06 on 26 September 2016
    Welcome back Mickey!)
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  • Re: Another returning member
    by Jojovits1 at 21:58 on 29 September 2016
    Welcome back, Mickey!  I am generally a bit of a techno prat but I do love PayPal.  Glad it's all sorted itself out and you're back again. :-)