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  • Pay Pal is a nightmare
    by Jed Jones at 16:48 on 04 February 2014
    Dear Admins,

    Please enable me to sign up with a credit card if possible, or do you have a contact telephone number for paypal, as the site owners are their business partners?

    I tried to sign up but had the same nightmare I had before for 4 hours, going round in circles, blocking me from creating a new account or signing into an old one (rejecting my answer to the security question because one character was out of place or whatever it was).

    I believe my account may have been hacked because their security system is as atrocious as the impossibility of contacting them directly to resolve a problem. I think the hacker penetrated security, stole my ID, and changed the pw / security question so I can't access my own account. Whatever the reason, I can't sign up unless I can speak to the staff at Paypal.

    Thanks if you can help!

  • Re: Pay Pal is a nightmare
    by Mand245 at 16:58 on 04 February 2014
    Try contacting PayPal customer services - I've always found them very helpful. There is a free phone number if you're in the UK: 0800 358 7911

    Good luck!
  • Re: Pay Pal is a nightmare
    by Jed Jones at 17:03 on 04 February 2014
    Thanks! I couldn't find a contact number anywhere on their site before or just now.