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  • I`m new, how do I get my work read?
    by elliotwarren91 at 16:01 on 07 September 2013

    Just signed up for a free trial to get a taste of how it all works here! I have some stories i would love to get some feedback on. I am currently finishing my first novel, but i have been writing a few short horror stories in the mean time. If anyone could take a look and leave a comment that would be great!

  • Re: I`m new, how do I get my work read?
    by Account Closed at 16:41 on 07 September 2013
    Dear Elliot

    I think that as a trial member you can join a group and post one piece of work.

    Most of the groups work on the basis of reciprocal critiquing, where we critique each other's work. Please join a group and post your work and also take time to make a comment or two on other people's work. I know the members of many groups will be delighted to have new members who join in with the critiquing.

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  • Re: I`m new, how do I get my work read?
    by EmmaD at 11:14 on 08 September 2013
    Hi Elliott, and welcome to WW

    Sharley's right; the main way to get feedback on your work is to join a suitable group - check it's reasonably active - and get involved in the conversation and the give-and-take of reading.

    And if you get stuck, just stand in the forum and ask. Someone will be along to help.

  • Re: I`m new, how do I get my work read?
    by Manusha at 17:37 on 13 September 2013
    Welcome to WW, Elliot. I look forward to seeing you around the site. I hope your trial membership will fill you with the inspiration to join up full time. (No, I'm not on commission!)

    I see that you have uploaded some work which is presently in your archive, but for your work to be noticed it's best to join a group. Do have a look around and see if a group will suit you. Once you've joined it will appear on your WriteWords page and you can then post your work there. There is the Short Story Writers Group, or Commercial Short Fiction. There isn't a horror group at the moment, but if you join full time you would be welcome to propose one. Or there is the Intensive Critique Group which is all-genre.

    Regards, Andy