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  • Back again!
    by aruna at 05:24 on 22 May 2013
    I guess I should re-introduce myself...

    I used to be a fairly active member of WW several years ago, but years of not making any progress with my writing (that is, I was writing books, one ofter the other, but not getting them published!) I withdrew. Also, Real Life was giving me a roller-coaster ride, and I had too much to contend with so forum life took a back seat.

    Now, things have sorted themselves out. I'm back in Germany, have a day job, and am just about to self-publish the out of print book that was first published in 1999 -- so I have come first circle; Real Life has sorted itself out, and I'm hoping I can participate here a bit more. I do enjoy forums, having a very limited social life. -- the typical introvert writer who can only "speak" in writing!

    My books were published under the name Sharon Maas, and there's even an interview with me somewhere on here in the archives.
    So, hello all! (Waves.)
  • Re: Back again!
    by CatherineZ at 06:57 on 22 May 2013
    Hello there. i'm on and off from here too because of life and things. good luck with your book.
  • Re: Back again!
    by EmmaD at 08:55 on 22 May 2013
    Welcome back Aruna! *waves*. Sorry things have been difficult, but good to know things are on a more even keel now.

    Best of luck with the self-publishing - that's exciting!
  • Re: Back again!
    by Elsie at 21:23 on 24 May 2013

    I'm also a bit of an in and outer, haven ridden the waves of chaos with small biz and such since just after I had a little book published.

    Anyway, hello.


    oops, having..
  • Re: Back again!
    by aruna at 05:28 on 25 May 2013
    Hi Catherine, Emma, Elsie:
    *waves back*