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  • Blogging
    by Nelly39 at 15:26 on 02 May 2013
    Hi all,

    I have recently moved down south (in the UK) and had to leave my writing group based in Liverpool behined I have been unable to find an alterative group that is suitable for me. A friend recommended this site, so here I am!

    When I get the chance to write I find it most comfortable to write in the style of a diary or a blog and was hoping to post some of my work online.

    If anyone of you have any ideas / suggestions they would be most appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Re: Blogging
    by EmmaD at 16:02 on 02 May 2013
    Hi Nelly, and welcome to WW. Do have a look round, and join a group if you want feedback on your writing, as that's where most of it happens. Other than that, hang around in the forums and join in!

    And if you get stuck, just stand in the forum and shout.

  • Re: Blogging
    by saturday at 16:16 on 02 May 2013
    Hi Helen, welcome to WW. Hope you will find the site useful and entertaining. As Emma says, the groups are the best place to post your work and to crit other people's writing. Some of them are pretty much dead but others are quite lively (I think YA is normally busy isn't it?), so have a look and see what appeals to you.
  • Re: Blogging
    by Jennifer1976 at 16:55 on 02 May 2013
    Hope you enjoy your time here. I've found this site so useful and everybody's really friendly.
  • Re: Blogging
    by Pen and Ink at 17:20 on 02 May 2013
    Hi Helen and welcome.