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  • Which group?
    by moondodger at 23:25 on 09 July 2007
    I joined today. I live in the United States, so will bear in mind the time difference, as I hope you will. It shouldn't be too much bother, though, as I am at my computer into the early morning hours.

    I am not sure which writers group is best for me. I write fiction, have never been published, and am working on a novel for which I do plan seeking publication. I noticed three fiction groups - I, II, and III. What distinguishes one of these groups from another? Does each have its own criteria?

    Thank you,
  • Re: Which group?
    by Dee at 07:57 on 10 July 2007
    Hello Hal, and welcome to WW.

    The three fiction groups are simply overflows from each other. We try to keep the groups to a manageable size so, if there’s enough demand, the site admin will set up a new group. There are also two novel groups which might be more suitable for you, although one of them is full at the moment.

    I would suggest you have a browse through some of the work uploaded to the groups archives, if you can see it (some of it is posted for group members only) and see if there are any other writers or writing you feel you would relate to more than others.


  • Re: Which group?
    by moondodger at 08:26 on 10 July 2007
    That's a great suggestion, Dee. I only just found archives and did some reading there....in fact saw some work relative to mine. I didn't think to check what group those writers belong to....will go back and do that.

    Thanks loads.
  • Re: Which group?
    by debac at 11:20 on 10 July 2007
    Hal, if you're working on a novel I suggest you look at Novel 1 and Novel 2. I think writing short stories and novels is a very different thing, and though the skills are mostly the same you might find it more supportive to be in a novel group with others also writing a novel. I assume the fiction groups have a mix of people writing novels and short fiction.

    I don't think the time difference is any issue at all. I mostly look at WW in the UK morning, but I find more people seem to post in the UK evening, so I can come back in the morning and find that lots has been said in my absence. If you're online in the US morning you'll probably find it co-incides well, but basically it doesn't really matter at all if the times we're on match or not.

    Welcome and best of luck,

  • Re: Which group?
    by Nik Perring at 17:02 on 10 July 2007
    Just wanted to echo what's already been said and say welcome to the site, Hal.


  • Re: Which group?
    by moondodger at 20:31 on 10 July 2007
    Received approval for Novel I group this morning.

    Thanks for the help!

    See you around.