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  • Stumbles inside ...
    by dadzie at 09:37 on 19 January 2007
    ... hello. I am new to this forum so thought I'd say hello. My name is Glenn though better known as Dadzie to the hundreds of people that know me from my Son's Music Forums and the frequent players on the various poker sites I happen to waste my time on.

    I wrote a book called "The Three Wrongs" - if anybody would like to read or review it feel free http://www.thethreewrongs.com and my apologies if it is not forum etiquette to advertise on here, I shall take down or move.

    I dont intend to be on here just for plugging my own book, I would genuinely like to network with other writers and people with far more experience than myself - and maybe exchange a few poker tips along the way

  • Re: Stumbles inside ...
    by Account Closed at 10:15 on 19 January 2007
    Hi Glenn/dadzie - I play poker too, though only face-to-face as I like to suss people out. I'm crap online.
  • Re: Stumbles inside ...
    by EmmaD at 10:25 on 19 January 2007
    Hi Dadzie, and welcome to WW. Have a good explore, and ask for help if you want it. Dee Weaver and Nik Perring are Site Hosts, specifically to help newcomers to find their feet.

    If you want regular feedback on work, the best thing to do is to join a group. You learn as much from comment on others' as you do from their comments on yours.

  • Re: Stumbles inside ...
    by dadzie at 10:46 on 19 January 2007
    Thanks Emma, yes, I have been trying to navigate with moderate success. The beginners group is full I think. And Sammy - I do a bit of both, I converted a room of my house into a mini-casino including bar but we just play for chips and pride, not real money.
  • Re: Stumbles inside ...
    by Nik Perring at 11:45 on 19 January 2007
    Hi Dadzie and welcome to the site. You've had some good advice from Emma already and I've just checked and the beginners' group has space in it now.

    See you over there.

  • Re: Stumbles inside ...
    by dadzie at 12:31 on 19 January 2007
    Thank you Nik. I have requested to join this group.
  • Re: Stumbles inside ...
    by Dee at 13:57 on 19 January 2007
    Hi Dadzie, and welcome. Your book looks interesting; I write ghost stories too, so I’ll keep an eye out for you uploading something in the Beginner’s group. The best option is to keep it short – less than 2000 words if you can – and you’ll get feedback from more people that way.

    Have a look round the site and get to know people. If you need any advice, Nik and I are happy to help, and so are plenty of others.

  • Re: Stumbles inside ...
    by dadzie at 14:45 on 19 January 2007
    Great thanks Dee. So I would upload the odd chapter teaser then?

    I am a bit slow to navigate the forum but some there's great reading on here. Hard to know where to place the genre of my own book really, sits somewhere between Crime and Fantasy (how would ypou classify 'The 6th sense' as a genre? I've sent of to Hilary Johnson so hopefully someone will point me in the right direction! Not tried any publishers yet, thought I'd wait until 100% happy and had feedback first.

  • Re: Stumbles inside ...
    by Nik Perring at 14:54 on 19 January 2007
    I suggest uploading the first couple of thousand words in the beginners' group and then, of course, we can try to point you towards a more suitable group.

    I guess Sixth Sense could come under a few different genres: supernatural, horror, thriller? It's a difficult one, isn't it.

    Might be worth checking out one of the novel writers groups as well as they're not genre specific.


  • Re: Stumbles inside ...
    by dadzie at 15:14 on 23 January 2007
    I will do. I have spent hours and hours on the forum so far and still haven't managed to look through half of what's on here yet.

    Yes, it is hard to genre-ize (adds to dictionary!) the book, it falls into so many different genres really.