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  • Animations/Comic Strips
    by BD at 13:06 on 06 December 2005
    I have written a series of 10 animation scripts and received positive feedback from three different companies who make animations, although none of them will go any further.

    The main problem appears to be that they are only 5 - 10 mins, whereas 30 mins. is the current buzz length.

    They are aimed at the Wallace and G market and two of the animations have already been published as short stories.

    I am now thinking of either trying to work with an animator or turning them into comic strips, for which I need a cartoonist.

    Any animators or cartoonists out there who may be interested? Or does anyone know of any?

  • Re: Animations/Comic Strips
    by BillH at 16:04 on 22 March 2007

    Have you thought of combining your story into three 10 minute episodes that link. That way you can offer broadcasters 3 x10mins or a full 30mins of the same storyline. I see that this thread goes back to 2005 so you may have moved on a tad by now!