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  • New SF and Fantasy Writing Workshop
    by Terry Edge at 17:33 on 20 December 2014
    Dear All,

    See below. I'm very excited about this: Denman College's first SF/Fantasy Writing Workshop. There's plenty for anyone not specifically into those two genres, too. Denman is beautiful - great food, good company. Drop me a WWmail if you want to know more.


    This is a course for writers who love speculative fiction and also want to push their personal creative boundaries. It will stretch you in an encouraging way and above all it will help you to uncover the truth about why you write. It's full of practical help and it's passionate about being flexible to your needs.
    Terry Edge has tutored for literary institutes and he's been a student of several SF/Fantasy workshops, such as the Odyssey Workshop in New Hampshire. His philosophy is that it's important to both keep writing and to explore as many learning experiences as possible, since the two feed off each other. He believes that teaching and learning are essentially the same thing.
    This is a workshop that does not provide dry 'answers' and fixed templates for becoming a better writer.  It will give you lots of choices for approaching the mysterious, frustrating and sometimes incredibly rewarding task of getting on to paper what we writers feel so deeply but struggle so often to express.
    And Science Fiction/Fantasy is the ideal medium for a writer to learn in. On the one hand it offers limitless scope for the imagination. On the other, it can lure the lazy writer into derivative avenues of escapist mediocrity. There's the challenge!
    More details of the workshop at: http://www.denman.org.uk/courses/writing-science-fiction-and-fantasy/14194
    More details of Terry at: www.td-edge.com