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  • Two new books out and story in a new anthology
    by Terry Edge at 19:17 on 06 July 2013
    I've put out two new books in the past month or so, both with Lucky Bat Books.

    First, is my urban fantasy about Cockney Super-heroes, called "Bloodjacker":


    Second, is a collection of short stories, called "System, Dragon, Spirit". All 13 stories have been previously published in various SF/Fantasy magazines and anthologies - 12 of them are available singly on Kindle, the thirteenth is a bonus story unavailable elsewhere. All Ben Baldwin's great covers are included, and a new one for the bonus story.

    I'm really proud of this collection. I think there's a great range of themes, along with some memorable characters. I didn't include this quote but one magazine editor said, "Your characters are more real than my neighbours"!


    I also have a long short story just out in an anthology called "Ancient New":


    I'm kind of proud of this one too, partly because I think it unusually mashes up a traditional fantasy style with some pretty far-out SF ideas.


  • Re: Two new books out and story in a new anthology
    by Account Closed at 19:37 on 06 July 2013
    Looks like you've been busy, Terry. I'll like sci-fi fantasy, so I'll check them out.

    "Your characters are more real than my neighbours"!

    That's fantastic, but if they're like some of my previous neighbours...
  • Re: Two new books out and story in a new anthology
    by GaiusCoffey at 20:27 on 06 July 2013
    Best of luck with it all.
  • Re: Two new books out and story in a new anthology
    by Catkin at 23:45 on 07 July 2013
    Yes, best of luck. Hope you have great sales.
  • Re: Two new books out and story in a new anthology
    by AlanH at 04:13 on 08 July 2013
    He has been a street theatre performer, props maker for the Welsh National Opera, sign writer, soft toys salesman and professional palm-reader.

    Good luck with this, but you really should mention your Subbuteo, you know.

    Do you make anything out of Amazon Prime?
  • Re: Two new books out and story in a new anthology
    by Terry Edge at 09:25 on 08 July 2013
    Thanks for the good wishes, everyone.

    Alan, re Amazon Prime, I have to confess that I don't yet know the answer to that one! Do you mean as in borrowing it free? Overall, sales are low so far, but that's expected. I'm looking more for exposure at this stage. We did a Giveaway of three copies at Goodreads which got close to 700 applications. And we're doing another now (giving away 7 this time). I'm being guided by Jeff at Lucky Bat Books on this, but Jeff is feeling his way too. That's fine; I don't mind if it takes time. Hopefully, Goodreads will generate reviews/ratings, etc, which I'd then hope will eventually lead to sales.

    I'm happy with it taking time. I believe my stuff has quality, albeit it's very varied, especially the short fiction. So readers will have to find me, I suspect, rather than me go chasing them.

    I suspect having content out is important, so I'm trying to finish the second book in the Bellers series (will be a novella), and I've got about 20,000 words of the third done (although needs quite a bit of re-structuring since it wasn't written with the Bellers in mind originally).

    I also want to get out 5 YA novels I have ready to go plus a new series-based one, probably under the name "Terry Edge" rather than "T.D. Edge". But time is always an issue. I need to get a new website for that, commission 5/6 covers, get the books formatted, etc, etc.

    Which brings me to Subbuteo! You may be right, that I should include it in the bio. I also have to get out "Subbuteo for the Soul". But it needs re-working. My two readers said the same thing about it: that the Subbuteo passages are better than the non-Subbuteo ones. Which means editing my life basically!