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  • Squidoo
    by Bald Man at 11:53 on 15 June 2013
    I have discovered Squidoo. Anyone else use it? Sorry if the following is common knowledge among the more techno-savvy dudes among us, but there does seem to be a few writing related opportunities on the Squidoo site.

    It is another way of either making (very little) money yourself from hits received on your site, or as a way of donating money to charity. You don't pay to put material on the site and the Squidoo income seems to derive from advertising.

    You write original material for Squidoo, using whatever sellable expertise you have, that advises, informs, teaches, instructs, encourages someone else in a particular task - it's a form of commercial skill sharing.

    You must write original text yourself for Squidoo, and not copy and paste from previously published material. You can, however, promote your own books or other products on the site - as you can see I have done this. This is my most recent module.


    There seems to be a good market on Squidoo for the 'Ten top tips' type module, providing you try and grab and pull in Uncle Tom, and his cobblers 'n all to have a look at your stuff. Sorry folks, as you see I'm no better than the rest in this respect.


  • Re: Squidoo
    by AlanH at 14:33 on 15 June 2013
    Thanks for this. I had a look, and I'm convinced - most professional looking.

  • Re: Squidoo
    by Bald Man at 16:05 on 15 June 2013
    I've just loaded another, 'A Walk to the Dew Stones', describing a sublime walk across Ilkey Moor, Yorkshire, to 'The Dew Stones': a poem by Simon Armitage, carved in stone, standing solitary on a windswept Rivock Edge above Ilkley. I hope more people will find it, although I know it's a long way from where you are, Alan!

  • Re: Squidoo
    by AlanH at 02:47 on 16 June 2013
    although I know it's a long way from where you are, Alan!

    Believe me, Colin, there are times (many) when I wish I was at places like that windswept Ilkley. I'll go to your latest posting and dream!