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  • Inside Soap Magazine vacancy
    by MariaH at 21:35 on 20 May 2013
    Sorry, I have no idea how to do hyperlinks and you may already know about it anyway, but while looking for something on the internet today I accidentally came across an advertisement for an Intern with Inside Soap magazine. Briefly, the job begins July 2013, is for 12 months, and involves researching features, writing a regular entertainment page and weekly soap column as well as admin tasks. The vacancy is advertised with Hearst Magazines UK careers.

    Hope thatís of some help to someone!
  • Re: Inside Soap Magazine vacancy
    by Jem at 16:58 on 21 May 2013
    That would be a lovely job for a young person - if you got paid!
  • Re: Inside Soap Magazine vacancy
    by MariaH at 17:31 on 21 May 2013
    Actually, Jem, it DID say it's a paid post. (Not how much they get paid tho!) Like you say, great job for any young would-be author who lives in London and is keen to hone their writing skills. I remember reading that Jacqueline Wilson started out as a youngster working on "Jackie" magazine...


    ps If anyone's interested in applying, the deadline is 24 May