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  • Flash Blast at Bootcamp Keegan
    by Sibelius at 11:26 on 23 August 2011
    Thought folks might be interested to know there is a flash blast in September at Bootcamp Keegan.

    Bootcamp Keegan is an online writing site which as the name suggests is tough and rigorous and not to everyone's taste, but is excellent for honing - and learning about - writing craft through writing and critiquing.

    The Flash Blast is open to anyone and the best stories produced will appear in Eclectica Magazine, a short story magazine with an excellent reputation that takes literary stories and flash fiction.

    You can find out more at http://alexkeegan.blogspot.com/ or http://bootcampkeegan.yuku.com/

    The blast is free and I think there is a half-price offer still going if you like the Bootcamp experience and want to join properly.

    Background on Bootcamp - This is an internet writing school which is direct and honest and expects hard work. While in Boot Camp, Boot Campers have won 131 Short Story/Flash First Prizes, many more after they have left. Boot Campers and ex-Boot Campers have published or are about to publish 20 Novels and 7 short-story collections. Six Boot Campers have become editors of journals.