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  • WWers` stories in new anthologies
    by Terry Edge at 10:26 on 22 August 2011
    Letting you know about two anthologies just out that I have stories in:

    1) "End of an Aeon" Anthology.

    Aeon was a pro SF/Fantasy magazine edited by Bridget and Marti McKenna, known for publishing high-quality writing. I've read about half the anthology so far and would highly recommend it; all the stories so far are very good. There are two other Milford SF UK writers in there - Vaughan Stranger and Jaine Fenn - and another member of the T-Party (which I finally joined recently), Gaie Sebold.

    My story, 'Repairs', went through WW, so I'd like to thank all those who commented (I think I was in the Women's Fiction Group at the time!).

    You can I think buy a Kindle or paperback copy at: http://www.amazon.com/END-OF-AN-AEON-ebook/dp/B005F7FLAW

    2) "Mirror Shards Volume One"

    I haven't read any of the other stories in this one yet, although it has one by another WWer (not sure if she's still here), Grayson Morris. My story is called, 'Below the Bollocks Line' and is only semi-autobiographical.

    I don't think the hard copy is out yet but you can buy a Kindle version at: