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  • The Author Hotline
    by Skippoo at 18:50 on 26 December 2009
    Hi all,

    I just got forwarded an e-mail about this and thought some of you might find it useful:

    The project is called THE AUTHOR HOTLINE (www.authorhotline.com). Itís a brand new website where authors, poets and illustrators can register, create their own profiles and upload images of themselves and their books. Itís primarily designed for children and is both a tremendous way of raising the profile of authors in schools and a valuable promotional resource. IT IS TOTALLY FREE to register with and authors can come back and update their profile as much as they want. Crucially, it is going to be supported by a termly mailing to UK schools containing high quality materials highlighting AUTHOR HOTLINE members, designed for classroom use. The project launches to the wider world on World Book Day, so the plan is to garner as many members as possible during the next couple of months so when the first class-pack arrives in schools in March it can hit the ground running. The registration process is simple, straight forward and secure. All authors have to do is visit www.authorhotline.com, follow the links and they could be making their profile page in minutes. (There are a few profiles there already... the site has only just been declared bug-free...)