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  • Pink Champagne and Apple Juice website
    by Account Closed at 15:07 on 04 May 2007
    Hello, all. The new “Pink Champagne and Apple Juice” website is now open for business and can be found at: http://www.pinkchampagneandapplejuice.com

    The site is rather good, I think – it has a cocktail area, a film area (which links to some rather good-looking actors, I must say!), a review area – where you can also put your own reviews up if you'd like – a characters section and a blog/chat forum etc etc. You can also read about how the site was set up and the reasons behind it.

    If you're interested, there are downloads (eg signature links) which you can use if you’d like to – much like the Amazon affiliate/associate scheme many of you subscribe to. But there's no obligation – as it’s mainly for the US market.

    You can also – if you’ve not read the book – download the first two chapters for free, as a taster. And the eBook is also on sale if that makes you want to read on – as well as the paperback via Amazon of course!